Friday, 26 March 2010

Birthday Part Deux!!!!

Hi! I'm back to show you all the gorgeous birthday presents I received from family and friends!

Thank you all so much for the birthday wishes!
It means a lot to me that so many people took the time to leave me a kind message!

Unfortunately my birthday fell on my rostered night shift!
This meant that the day was always going to be a bit of a washout but the excitement of Vegas and the knowledge that I would get to celebrate at the weekend kept me going!
So did the fab presents! I was truly overwhelmed at what I received (are you ready for a photo heavy post?)

So, on Wednesday morning after work I want back to Mum and Dads to open my presents and was greeted by this!

Mum always used to set out presents like this when we were little so it made me smile!
Obviously they didn't stay like that for long!
Here is my haul!

I was so lucky (considering I didn't really ask for anything!)

Mum and Dad got me the most beautiful Barbie. My Dad loves finding me new Barbies and gets them wherever he goes, I'm sure he must have a huge stash somewhere that he digs into on Christmas and Birthdays!

Isn't she pretty?

James (on top of our holiday!) got me the earrings that match the necklace he bought me on Valentines Day! So naughty! I really didn't expect anything!

My Auntie and Uncle got me these little CK beauties!

And my Cousin added to the theme by getting me a set of these in the same gorgeous colours!

Victoria got me the bag I wished for here and her Mum got me the matching purse!
I love them!!! (they are even better in real life!)
They are already packed with my passport and currency!!

My Brother and his girlfriend got me this great book to go with some dollars to spend on my holiday!
Speaking of dollars, between Mum and Dad, Auntie and Uncle and Brother and girlfriend I got $300!! I will be hard pushed to find something special to spend it on after getting so much though!!!

Last but not least, I treated myself to the gorgeous Vintage Amethyst shelf in my wish list, and look what I received with it!

Thank you so much Allison, so kind of you!

I also got a coveted cake tin and heart moulds from Mum, some great notebooks and the nail polish I wished for in my wish list!

So lucky!!!

Tomorrow I am celebrating my birthday with my family!

As requested in my birthday list I am getting a special tea, Ina Garten style!


Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

Lots of Love



Lisa said...

Lots of very lovely presents.
Hope you enjoyed your special meal too.
Lisa x

RosieP said...

Hey baby, glad you got so many gorgeous presents, buy yourself something lovley with the dollars.

Love you

Tante xx

LissyLou said...

How lovely!! enjoy your meal xxx

Rose Charles said...

looks like you did well :-)

Hope my card has arrived?

Rose XXX

Hen said...

You lucky, lucky thing, Kelly! Glad you were spoiled rotten. Thanks so much for the parcel which came for the Munchy. I will give it to him this weekend - I thought the excitement might be too much midweek, he'll be able to play with it all properly over the weekend! Have a wonderful time in Vegas, lots of photos please as I've never been.
Hen x

Kissed by an Angel said...

Lovely pressies Kel - obviously I meant from everyone else!!!
Looking forward to your birthday tea on Saturday!!

bekimarie said...

What lovely presents, bet you can't guess what my fave is 'hehe'
Your Dad must be one in a million!

B xxx

The Girl said...

Hurray for birthdays and presents!! You did amazingly well, I'm incredibly jealous.

And I'm pretty sure you'll find something to spend your dollars on. And if not....

I like twinkies. said...

What lovely presents! The Barbie has the most beautiful face, and those Ck glasses, oooh! suzie xxx

Florence and Mary said...

Great pressies and glad you like the bag. Now did auntie get a job lot of these glasses I wonder?!

Have fun spending the money in Vegas and so gutted I can't make tomorrow :o(

Victoria xx

Isobel said...

How lucky! But you deserve it!
The Barbie is just so gorgeous! Everything is amazing.

Rose said...

ooo so much present goodness! :)
I do like the barbie from your dad and the new bag you wished for.
I just found out yesterday that I have a study day (8-4) on my birthday in May and the next two days are my first night duties :( some way to celebrate.
Anyway im glad you will be celebrating in style this weekend! Have a great time :)


hapi-ness said...

Wow kelly, what a lovely collection of goodies! You lucky lady :D I hope you had a wonderful day, and that you have a great meal too! xxxx

Country Style Living said...

Didn't you do well Kelly!! Lovely gifts. Have a great weekend with your family.....

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

What a stash kel!!!
I hope you ripped the paper on the presents! Even though all you girls who adore paper crafts I HAVE TO RIP I am afraid! xxx

LoloDesigns said...

Lots of loveliness, and how pretty is that barbie! You have a lovely family and friends.

Have fun in Vegas! x

Della said...

You got spoiled! But you totally deserved it- you are wonderful!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oohhh lots of lovely goodies!
Hope you had a lovely day & you are so welcome for the teeny tiny gift.
Hope you like the shelf & thought I would pop you a little something to hang from it straight! *Giggle*
Have a lovely weekend

Lululiz said...

Fabulous presents! Have a great time and enjoy your meal x

TCake said...

Hi Hunny... what a fab pile of prezzies!.... Big Belated Birthday wishes... sorry couldn't post on the day, have a fab weekend and trip to Vegas... Hugs Tx

Me....bunny said...

You scored! Hope you do half as well in Vegas...have a grand time~!


koralee said...

Oh you sweet lucky them all!!!! Glad your birthday was so deserve it. xoxo

Dragonfly said...

Wow! You did well :-)
Enjoy the rest of the celebrations!!

Blueberry Heart said...

Hope a lovely day was had! Gorgeous pressies! I think I like the lovely bag most - but its a hard choice!!
BH x