Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Around The House - Part two

The bathroom!

Like many terraced houses our bathroom is missing a window so I have always kept the tiles and walls white to make it as light and clean looking a possible!
The navy tiles were used to break up the white a bit but remain neutral (I think navy is a really classic colour)
Before the makeover I had used vintage 'hotel' themed accessories in navy and white (sorry no photos!) but this had got a bit tired and more importantly we needed a bit more storage to keep all our bits and bobs out of sight.
James really likes 'natural' images like pebbles and sand, so after a bit of thinking and a bit of shopping I had a vision!
A quick coat of white paint to freshen things up and here is the result! (sorry the photos are a bit yellow but the flash made everything too light and glary!)

Some clever storage.....

and some artwork, pretties (lavender heart from Vintage Amethyst!) and some new linens in shades of grey taupe and putty were all that we needed to get a really different look!

I hope you enjoyed a look at my bathroom now if you don't mind I need to jump in the shower ;)

Lots of Love



koralee said...

Love your bathroom...black and white...my favourite. And the post below is adorable....Congratulations on your sweetpea. You both are adorable. xoxoxo

Lisa said...

It looks great. Cleaning the bathroom is one of my least liked tasks, all those bottles and bits and bobs, but your storage looks like a good solution.
Lisa x

Florence and Mary said...

Great minds featuring our bathrooms!!!

Oh to have a window eh!

Looks great,

Victoria xx

Jo said...

Your bathroom is lovely. All my jars and bottles are stood on my windowsill, I could do with some clever storage like you've got. I love that pebble picture, so calming.

Sarah said...

Such a lovely tidy bathroom. I got your message, Ill let you know when it arrives xx

RosieP said...

Looks lovely Keldy xxx

Rebecca said...

It's lovely! We have the same wicker drawers in ours.
I have passed you the stylish blogger award :-)
Becky x

Planet Penny said...

It's lovely, and I've just checked out the fab purple bedroom!
Penny x

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

I couldn't resist popping in to see if you had your baby... Congratulations, Kelly! So glad to read you and baby are well...she looks adorable.
I'm loving the bathroom, too! ;)
Lucy. xx

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

How pretty! I love the artwork.... It really brings the room together.

And, congratulations on your new little sweetheart. She's adorable. Many fun times ahead!

Warm blessings,

jo said...

Congratulations Kelly on the birth of your daughter, she's beautiful. Oh and the bathroom looks good too!

Vintage Amethyst said...

Oh lovely. Ahhh the Lavender Heart looks fab there! I wish I still had these as they were so lovely.