Sunday, 30 May 2010

Hitting the Jackpot.......

Last week I mentioned some big news I would be sharing with you all and I think you have all waited long enough!!
I'm not sure where to begin as I'm not sure where it began myself!
I had been feeling unwell with tummy pains, general tenderness and nausea and we thought I had brought a tummy bug back from Egypt.
But then another thought occurred to James...........

It would appear that we bought far more back from Vegas than we initially thought!

It was a massive shock and unplanned but after an initial panic we realised that it's not unwelcome and we are so excited about our little surprise!
At about 10 weeks it's early days but I am already feeling better and looking forward to the next trimester when I'm assured this indescribable tiredness will subside! (please tell me this is true!)

Both sets of grandparents are excited and we are also looking forward to our other piece of news..........

We are getting married!!!!

More on that later, I need a nap!!!!

Lots of Love


Wednesday, 26 May 2010

This Crazy Life!

WOW! Sorry for the vanishing act ladies! The past 10 days have been some of the most exciting and scary of my life! Although I have been missing for a couple of weeks I feel like I have months and months of news to share and catch up on!!!!
Still, baby steps :) don't want to make your heads spin!!!
I have 733 posts waiting in my google reader so please bear with me I will try to get round to you all :)
First and foremost, I am long overdue in announcing the winner of my giveaway!

The luck winner of May's giveaway is ............................................

Lululiz in Lalaland!!

Well done Liz!!! You won at last :) I have your address so will pop them in the post shortly!

Lots of Love


Friday, 14 May 2010

The Wanderer Returns....

Hi ladies I'm back from my travels!

You have all been very busy while I was away (judging from the state of google reader!) and I'm really looking forward to catching up with you all over the next few days!

Don't forget to enter May's giveaway (you have until Monday!)

Wishing you all lovely weekends!

Lots of Love


Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Walk Like an Egyptian!

I'm off on another holiday!

Destination: Taba Heights - Egypt!

this time with my friend Kelly, here she is......

Far from the hustle and bustle of my Vegas trip we are planning a week of total relaxation here (we have even planned a spa night!)
I'm going to miss James loads and I'm sure Kelly will miss her Boyfriend, David, but it will be nice to spend some time together too (and I suppose absence makes the heart grow fonder!)

So please excuse my absence form blogland for another week! I will be sure to get round to visit you all and comment when I get back!!!

Lots of Love


Monday, 3 May 2010

Happy Monday - May!!!

Hello Ladies and welcome to May's giveaway!!

This time of year is always expensive for me, what about you all?
New summer clothes, all the lovely sandals hitting the shops, boot sales for some of us :)

I thought I'd give you all a helping hand to keep those household costs down with these 2 fab books!

A copy of the fabulous 'Make Do And Mend' a nostalgic collection of war time pamphlets, origionally published to instruct people how to re use and recycle to make the most of wartime rations.

The second book is more up to date and perfect for modern families! 'How to feed your whole family' has lots of ideas and recipes to prepare thrifty meals for your family.

Click on the links and you can even get a look inside these books!!!

The rules are......
  • Giveaways will be posted the first Monday of every month.
  • Winners will be announced the following Monday.
  • If you want to be included you must enter before midnight on the Saturday.
  • You must have a blog to enter.
  • These giveaways are open to bloggers in all countries but I must ask that your blog is written in English.
  • You must leave a comment to be included in the draw.
  • You will get another entry if you are, or become a follower.
  • You will get another entry if you mention (and link) that month's giveaway in your blog or add the fab new button to your sidebar! (just let me know if you do)
I am off on holiday tomorrow so will be extending the deadline to the 14th May.

Good luck!!!

Lots of Love