Saturday, 31 October 2009

Happy Halloween and a Spooky Swap!

Hope everyone had Happy Halloween!!!!

I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to reveal the swap package I received from the beautiful Beki and her DD Jess!
An absolute age ago we arranged a Halloween swap between my Cousin Marcus and Beki's DD Jess, we decided to maximise the fun by swapping between ourselves as well!
I am long overdue in posting about the fabby packages Beki and Jess sent us. Check out Bekis post to see what we sent here!

Marcus and I were so excited when our packages came through the post, 2 boxes filled with Halloween treats, you can't get any better than that!
Marcus couldn't wait to open his!!!
One he got through the spooky spiders webs that is!!!

Marcus was really pleased with all the things in the package, there was: Balloons, witches fingers, a Halloween tote, spiders, eyeballs, a dvd, a book, a jumping bat, chocolate skeletons, slime, skull stickers and Spiderman candy sticks. and a really nice card. thank you so much Beki and Jess!!
My package was equally as great!!!! All the gifts were wrapped beautifully! It seemed a shame to unwrap them!!! look!

Beki made me this pretty fabric cat! I'm very taken with her, I have called her Dotty and she now lives in my craft room, as you can see she is very comfortable on my chair!

Beki also sent me my fave DVD! I'm really pleased as my copy has gone walkies!!!, A book (Perfect for the train to work!), A yankee tart (pumpkin of course!), Some napkins and a black nail polish!
Some more decorations to add to my stash!

Beki also made me a lovely tote bag in a great autumnal orange with black lace trim! How pretty!
Look at this cool postcard!!!
I will be framing it ready to get out next year!!!!
Thank you beki and Jess we had great fun gathering your gifts and loved everything you sent us! When's the next one???? :)
Speaking of swapping, don't forget about our Secret Santa swap,

Victoria and I have been working hard to make sure that you all get your partners ASAP!
Any one who hasn't joined in that would like to, what are you waiting for! Just e mail me the completed questionnaire and please include your postal address (can't believe we forgot to ask for that on the original post!)
we appreciate that Christmas can be busy for all and expensive so remember you can choose a £5 or £10 gift option
We would like you to have signed up and emailed questionnaires to us by 2nd November so we can start letting you know who you are buying a gift for on 4th November Don't fear if you're worried about timings, we will take swappers up to the 11th November but remember you'll have less time to put your package together

As always please speak to Victoria or I if you have any questions!
Think that's all folks!
Need to get to reading and commenting now!!!
Lots of Love

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday

Hi, it's that time again! Weight Loss Wednesday hosted by Rosey Little Things

Unfortunately I had a gain this week, only 1 lb but a bit sad but not entirely unexpected!
My own fault entirely! Bad shift pattern and a total lack of organisation on my part meant I just didn't eat properly, also I spent the last 2 weekends sitting on my behind in the office!

As we all know we can let this type of thing get to us or we can use it to learn a lesson! I have learned my lesson and now have a Slimming World worthy, packed breakfast and lunch all ready in the fridge for tomorrow!
No more excuses, a little time and better planning should see I don't fall into this trap again!

On a positive note I have hair and nail appointments booked, and am off to do some 'cardio' in Bond Street tomorrow :)

All geared up for a better week and can't wait to see how you have all done!

Lots of Love


Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I Love Knitting!

I love knitting, I'm not very good, but I try and am getting better!
Knitting always makes me smile as it reminds me of my Nanny Pam (my Mum's Mum) who was a fantastic knitter! (I always hope she is watching over me, to give me a hand when I get stuck!)

In the summer Victoria and I went for a knitting lesson at Prick Your Finger in Bethnal Green.

We spend a lovely couple of hours learning the basics. The shop is a treasure trove and worth a visit just to look at all the knitted objects they have on display (everything from fruit and veggies to a knitted toilet!)

Recently, I have been more determined to practice and try my hand at actually producing something decent!
I got involved with 'The Big Knit' hosed by the lovely Joe at Josie Mary, where we made hats for smoothie bottles and felt good that I had actually finished something!
I really wanted make something more substantial but get a bit nervous when I look at knitting patterns, blah blah! it all merges into one and overwhelms me!

I don't want to bite off more than I can chew and put myself off!

Baby steps Kelly, Baby steps!

Then I found this book!

I love the fact that all the blankets are made up from knitted squares and every square uses different techniques!
I'm hoping this will be the answer to my knitting dilemma, I will be working on something useful and pretty, but also not too overwhelming as I'm only going to be knitting squares.
I will also get to try lots of different stitches and techniques on a smaller sale, perfect for me to practice!

Wish me luck!!!

Lots of Love


Sunday, 25 October 2009

Mind the Gap!

Hello all of you!
It seems like I have been away for ages!
I have just been doing the week of hell at work (2 weekends on the trot with late shift between)
But on a positive note it's over for another 10 weeks and I survived!!! (and so did the railway!)

4 days in blogsville is a very long time and Google Reader is telling me I have loads to catch up on, so I apologise for the lateness of my comments!
Can't wait to see what you have all been up to!
Lots of Love

Thursday, 22 October 2009

Show Us Your Cath!

It's here!!!
'Show Us Your Cath' hosted by the fabulous LissyLou!
A whole day of this!

Well all of us in blogland love our Cath don’t we?
I know it can be expensive, yes, it may be getting 'too' common, but it’s pretty and we like it, so why fight it?
Cath Kidston began 16 years ago in what she calls a 'glorified junk shop', selling hand-embroidered tea-towels, vintage fabrics and renovated furniture to the yummy mummy set in London's Holland Park. From this relatively humble beginning has grown a seemingly recession-proof 'global lifestyle brand'
I like to think that some of you, my talented bloggy friends, are capable of such achievement too!

I love the floral designs best, my all time favourite is the washed roses pattern, I just think It’s so pretty!
The vast part of my collection is made up from tins!
I like the 'useful' stuff, things I can use and enjoy on a day to day basis.
Shoe shine, first aid and sewing tins! They are so cute and I use them all the time!

Matches (that I refill because I love the box!) and a yummy tape measure that Victoria bought for me (what a star!)

I love the cleaning bits and bobs, anything to make the cleaning more fun! I love my dusters and this cute washing up brush. My spare carrier bags need never get messy with a little help from Cath!

More recently I wanted a few of the red polka dot bits for the kitchen I got the the oven glove but they didn’t have any of the tea towels in the shop so I will have to wait for a future visit!
I can put it all in my pretty tote!

Even my computers have Cath wallpapers! (get yours Here!)

I don't have any of the clothes but have fallen in love with this dress. I want!!!!!!

Lots of love

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday (only just!)

I apologise at the lateness of this post but shift work and blogging don't always go hand in hand!
Sorry ladies!

Yes It's Weight Loss Wednesday hosted by Jennifer @ Rosey Little Things. Click on the button to link to Jennifer's blog where you will find a list of this weeks participants.

I'm glad to report I'm feeling much better this week, surprising how a week of looking after yourself can do that!

Unfortunately, due to my shift pattern, I can't get to my class this week so can't report my loss officially but a sneaky jump on my scales at home looks like 3 lb!

I lost 9lb the first week so I'm happy!

I will also measure myself today so I have another way to track my progress.

I'm so glad I joined up to WLW last week, all the support and visits to others blogs certainly helped to improve my mood!

I am also loving Victoria's posts, tips that improve well being and esteem during the weight loss process. Victoria is a close friend and has always told me all of these things anyway but somehow reading them makes me sit up and take notice! I have followed her recommendations to the letter so far and they have made a difference, and was even one step ahead this week, having decided that I need to return to my blonde locks! I went darker recently because I was feeling dull but don't feel like myself, so it's back to blonde for me! I must say I'm looking forward to what she comes up with next week!

Lots of Love

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sherry's Award

The wonderful Sherry from If I Could Set My Soul Free has given me this beautiful award!
I love Sherry's blog and consider receiving this award a real honour, thank you Sherry!

The rules of the award are:
1. Thank the person who gave this to you
2. Copy the logo and post it on your blog
3. Link to the person that nominated you
4. Name 7 things about you that no one would really know

OK so this is quite hard as I think I'm pretty open so I'm sorry if my 'secrets' sound dull!

1. I’m scared of clowns; the big red nose, white faced, and crosses for eyes type! My friend had some porcelain ones when we were younger and I used to make her turn them to face the wall so they couldn't ‘look’ at me! Random I know!

2. My job is unusual and may surprise some of you. I am a Signal Incident Manager on London Underground, the only female to have ever done this job! I could bore you stupid but I’ll just say if I’m not in the office writing reports I spend my days (and some nights) jumping off the front of trains or walking down tracks (dodging trains!) and fixing signalling stuff.

3. I want a tattoo on my left foot that says ‘follow your bliss’ I want it to remind myself to only do those things that make me happy. Haven’t got round to actually getting it yet though!

4. I can’t drink, Well I can but I don’t! I am a class A lightweight, 2 glasses of wine and I’m merry, then ill! So I don’t bother very often!

5. I have a pierced navel!

6. I make a short story long! Why say in 10 words what I could say in 110 words? And then I forget what I was talking about! (you may have noticed this!)

I can’t tell jokes – I always get them wrong or forget the punchline

So that's a few little facts about me!

Now I have to pass this award on, as this award is about getting to know people better I thought it would be a good idea to pass it to a few bloggers I have just 'met'!

Annie @ Birdcages and Butterflies

Mel @ At Home With MelMel

Sarah Jane Down The Lane

Kitschen Pink

Looking forward to hearing all about you!Check Spelling

See you tomorrow :)

Lots of Love


Monday, 19 October 2009

A Haunted House

With October flying by and everyone in Blogsville getting excited about Halloween I thought it was about time I got my Halloween decorations out and 'Haunted' the house!
I only started doing it last year and loved it, so this year they went up a week earlier and will stay put till the end of October
I thought I would share some photos with you of my 'Haunted House'

The sofas get black throws instead of the usual duck egg blue (I love the white sofas!)

And some Pumpkin friends come out to play!

Haunted houses, black roses and gravestones! Halloween Yankee Candles and can you spot the beautiful vintage lace gloves Victoria gave me last week?

Halloweeny pretties dotted here and there, pumpkins, candles, cauldrons and broomsticks fit for a witch!

Spiders webs on the tablecloth and buckets and bowls ready for Halloween treats (I dare not put them out now or the adult visitors to the house will eat all the sweeties before any trick or treaters even knock!)

Hope you enjoyed the tour!
Remind me to post some pictures when the living room has been exorcised and is looking pretty again!

Lots of Love


Friday, 16 October 2009

Kelly & Victoria's Secret Santa Swap

Victoria & I decided it would be fun to host a Christmas swap… but with a difference!!!!

Instead of the usual one on one swap we’ve decided to take our inspiration from the office gift giving favourite - Secret Santa!

(Thank you to Happy who has donated this button for our swap - please feel free to add to your blog)

Victoria has explained how the swap will work so if you haven’t already done so please see her post for more detail

My job is to ensure all participants answer some questions that will help us pair you up and ensure the secret gifts put smiles on your lovely faces

If you would like to join in the swap please email me the answers to these questions


Blog Address

Email Address

Swap Value - £5 or £10?

You will be assigned a partner at the same price point

Can you ship internationally?

Previous Swap Partners
This will enable us to pair you with some new!

Favourite Crafts
eg. Crochet, Knitting etc

Christmas Style
eg. Red & White…. Gold & Red…Vintage… Kitsch…

Christmas Favourites
eg. Santa? Gingerbread Men?

eg. Baking, roses etc

eg. Cinnamon, lace etc

We thought it was worth including as smellies seem to be popular at this time of year!

We would like everyone to send their Christmas gifts out by 4th December giving Royal Mail enough time to deliver them to the right doors

Remember – do not divulge who you are sending your gift to we want surprises!!!!

Hope you all join in!

Lots of Love


Thursday, 15 October 2009

Counting My Blessings

After a somewhat emotional post yesterday I thought today would be the perfect opportunity to focus on the positive things in my life.
As luck would have it, I received an award this week that celebrates being positive!
Thank you to my lovely friend Michela for awarding me this 'Attitude for Gratitude' award.

The award encourages us to 'see blessings where they're not obvious, and to make lemonade instead of complaining about sour lemons'
I now have to share with you all of the things I am grateful for and pass the award on.

Wow! I have so many things in my life to be grateful for I really don't know where to begin, the list is truly extensive!

To list just a few, I am thankful for:
My family, My family is small just Mum, Dad, my Brother, Aunt, Uncle, Cousin and Me Small and compact! but they mean the world to me and me to them.

Friends, again I have few true friends and am grateful for the ability that comes with age and experience to recognise them!

I am grateful for all the wonderful people I have met through blogging, Blogland is truly a wonderful place! People are so kind, generous and supportive of each other. Its really no wonder we all spend so much time in this lovely little bubble!

My health - I have the constitution of an ox!

My home - I have a lovely home of my own (which reminds me I really do need to share it with you guys!)

I have a great job that I love (most of the time!)

I could go on and on about the wonderful things in my life but that would make for a boring post (if I haven't bored you already!)

Now comes to the business of nominating!
I would love for all of you to take this award as I think expressing gratitude is a wonderful exercise, so please everyone and anyone feel free to take this award!

That said there are a few special mentions I would like to make

Sherry @ If I Could Set My Soul Free - I love Sherry's blog and think she would write a lovely post on this subject!

Angel @ Kissed By An Angel - A new blogger who I am enjoying immensely (pop over to meet her if you haven't already, she is lovely!)

Have a lovely day ladies xx

Lots of Love