Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Around The House - Part two

The bathroom!

Like many terraced houses our bathroom is missing a window so I have always kept the tiles and walls white to make it as light and clean looking a possible!
The navy tiles were used to break up the white a bit but remain neutral (I think navy is a really classic colour)
Before the makeover I had used vintage 'hotel' themed accessories in navy and white (sorry no photos!) but this had got a bit tired and more importantly we needed a bit more storage to keep all our bits and bobs out of sight.
James really likes 'natural' images like pebbles and sand, so after a bit of thinking and a bit of shopping I had a vision!
A quick coat of white paint to freshen things up and here is the result! (sorry the photos are a bit yellow but the flash made everything too light and glary!)

Some clever storage.....

and some artwork, pretties (lavender heart from Vintage Amethyst!) and some new linens in shades of grey taupe and putty were all that we needed to get a really different look!

I hope you enjoyed a look at my bathroom now if you don't mind I need to jump in the shower ;)

Lots of Love


Monday, 7 February 2011

A First Date...

I thought I'd share some photos of Sophie and her friend Caleb!

(Please excuse the awful photo, my pregnancy puffiness had not gone yet!)

Caleb is the 8 week old Son of my friend Kelly, who, you may remember I went to Egypt with back in May (click here to see the post!) when we were both unaware we were pregnant!
With just a week between our due dates we enjoyed sharing our pregnancies and making plans for fun activities when our babies arrived!
We were surprised when Caleb put in an early appearance at only 35 weeks.. Luckily he was a strong boy and despite being tiny he is growing well!
In this picture Sophie is 2 weeks and Caleb is 6 weeks, it makes us laugh that Sophie is bigger!

Judging from their matching poses they are sure to be great friends!

when they wake up of course!

Lots of Love


Saturday, 5 February 2011

Happy Birthday..........

To my James!

The best Husband and Daddy Sophie and I could ever wish for!

We have lunch plans with James' parents today and we are off shopping for a very special birthday present on Sunday!

Lots of Love


Thursday, 3 February 2011

Around The House - Part One

Before Sophie was born I may have mentioned improvements we were doing around the house (so much so you were probably all thoroughly bored!)
I thought as you all suffered the dull posts (or just lack of them!) that I would finally get on and share some pictures of the finished results with you!

Back in November I promised to share some photos of our new bedroom with you so it would seem appropriate that I start there
I only have one 'before' photo (sorry) I still like the pink, cream and brown that inspired Victoria and I to refer to it as the 'Neapolitan' room, but was also happy to have a change (and let James have some input!)

James wanted purple and although Its a colour I would usually be a bit scared of we decided to just go for it!
So 3 days and a professional decorator later.........


We chose new accessories to complement the bold colours. I just love the curtains and the fabby chair! (a total bargain at £60 from TK Maxx!)
We are really pleased with the result!

What do you think?

Next week, the bathroom and the nursery!
Have a great weekeknd
Lots of Love


Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sophie and Stanley......

It took me a while to work out what it was mesmerising Sophie as I changed her nappy in her room!
I giggled when I realised it was the CK Stanley bought from her by Auntie Victoria! She is clearly another fan!

I think Sophie will fit well into blogland!

Lots of Love