Friday, 4 May 2012

Under Lock And Key

Following on from my last post about the gorgeousness that are Fossil handbags I thought I'd share the genius valet keyring I also bagged!

One keyring...............

Turns into 2!

 So I can carry all my keys on me but keep the ones I use everyday seperate from the ones I don't.
This has the added bonus of making my keys far less interesting to a certain little lady!  Unfortunately it just meant she has had to find something else to chew on!

Have a lovely weekend!

Lots of Love xxxx

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Fossil Collector..............

No, I've not taken an interest in paleontology!!
I am, however, loving the amazing Fossil handbags and accessories I bought in Florida!

After a long time using only a nappy bag to carry my belongings I decided to treat myself to a new 'everyday' bag while on holiday. After popping into a Fossil outlet store and being impressed at the quality of the leather and all the useful compartments and pockets Incorporated in the designs I went completely mad and bought everything in sight indulged in a few little purchases.

2 smaller sized handbags, 2pouches, a wristlet, a purse and an amazing new everyday handbag!

Better still I popped into a Fossil shop during a recent trip to Westfield Stratford and found that I had paid far less for the items in the US (with outlet discount and exchange rate) even the bag I bought full price was the same in pounds as I'd paid in Dollars!  

Whats the best bargain you have ever had?

Lots of Love xxxx