Monday, 2 August 2010

Something Sweet.........

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!

Continuing my wedding themed posts today to tell you about the cake!
(If I'm starting to bore you don't worry I'm nearly done!!)

No wedding is complete without a cake! We didn’t want to pay a fortune, I didn’t want anyone to have to go to any effort and I wanted something that could be cut and enjoyed on the day!

Good old Marks and Spencer came to the rescue with this little beauty!

We chose the sponge option with white chocolate fondant and roses (it’s also available in brown chocolate!), the best thing about getting a wedding cake from M&S is that even if the cake isn’t big enough to feed your number of guests you can buy extra cutting bars and they will never know!!!!!

I have to hand it to them it was really good value, a lot bigger than I thought and delicious, the roses were exquisite and it went with our theme perfectly!

Needless to say there was none left! Luckily James had thought ahead and had some sent to our room to enjoy with a cup of tea!


The break in blogging has thrown me out completely! I know I have missed several 'Happy Mondays' I am planning an extra special giveaway to make up to you all!!!

Watch out over the next few days!!!!

Lots of Love