Friday, 27 November 2009

Legal Eagle!

Victoria recently lent me her Ally McBeal DVD collection, which I am working my way through rapidly being confined to the house on my own! I remember some from watching the series originally but am loving it none the less!

Feeling a bit better now and hoping to improve over the weekend, only one more day of Tamiflu to take!

What are you watching at the moment?

Lots of Love


Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Miss Piggy

Hi Ladies sorry for going all quiet on you, I mentioned last Wednesday that I was feeling unwell and things went from bad to worse. I finally gave in yesterday and it would appear I have gone all Miss Piggy on you!

Obviously not looking as good as this!

Now have the antiviral medication so hoping to feel better soon!

Lots of Love


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday

It's Weight Loss Wednesday again girls!

Click on the button to link to Jennifer's blog to see her post and a full list of participants.

Sorry for the lateness (and shortness) of this post. Been feeling a bit under the weather and have only just managed to pull myself together!

So quickly! Lost 1lb (still feels like a million to go!)

I'm loving Victoria's posts each week and even though she is my friend and I have heard her advice many times, somehow seeing it in black and white makes it seem all the more sensible! Thank you Victoria!

I promise next week's post will be a little more inspiring!

Lots of Love


Dear Santa.....

I have been thinking about what I would like for Christmas, I have been a good girl (mostly!) and thought I would give you a few pointers as to what I would just love to find under my tree this year!

Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin.......
I need this yummy perfume, not only has it got my name but I have tried it and it smells like it was made for me too!

A girl can never have too many bags, and I have decided I neeeeeed this one by Mulberry, pretty please?

I also need some Louboutins, need you understand Santa! Look at the pretty red soles! (Very Prive pumps please!)

A lifetime supply of Lola's cupcakes (calories removed please!!)

Some new wheels?

A Holiday Here:

With him

Or him

Where he will buy me something sparkly in a little, blue box (well diamonds are a girl's best friend!)

Thank you in advance :)

Lots of Love


P.S. What would you just love to find under your tree? (come on have some fun it can be as big or small as you like!)

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Vintage and Handmade Bliss!

As you all know (we may have mentioned it once or twice!) Victoria and I took ourselves up to Chipping Sodbury to visit the Vintage and Handmade Fair this weekend.
It was well worth the drive (in the gusting wind and driving rain!) and we both agreed we were very pleased we made the effort to go.
The village itself was lovely, very picturesque and well worth a little stroll round (we probably would have explored a bit more had the weather been better!)

The fair was really well organised and with 26 stands full of treasures.There was lots to drool over!
I could have bought the entire contents of Chipping Sodbury Town Hall but I restrained myself and bought these little gems of lovelyness!

A gorgeous Union Jack cushion with Cath Kidston fabric trim and a beautiful Union Jack pennant with vintage fabric and trims from the lovely Hen at Henhouse. (I had already spotted what I wanted from her preview post!)
The pretty heart was bought from Sal at Sal's Snippets, I just couldn't resist the lovely colours and pretty flower.

I love this patriotic magnet and these pretty floral magnetic pegs from Lucy Bloom. The vintage fabric dusters are from Shabby Chick, as are the gorgeous vintage baubles in the following picture (perfect for my pink, bedroom tree)
The 'Home Sweet Home' card is from the talented Claire at Elfie and Me I just couldn't leave it behind!

I picked up these cool vintage Christmas bits too! The vintage wrapping paper and Christmas badges were from Acorn and Will . The vintage building block has a 'K' on it so obviously I had to bring it home! I bought it, with the Noddy badges from Michelle at Cowboys and Custard.
I'm afraid I cant remember who I got the vintage angel tree ornaments or the Noddy print from, If I bought it from you please tell me!!!

The vintage hair slide, bobby pins and toothbrush and gorgeous vintage Christmas cards are from International Quality Kitsch (I have developed a love of Vintage cards that started at the Rose Bowl in LA)

The visit was very inspiring, and we got to meet lots of fellow bloggers! I might even have a little crafting session myself today!

Lots of Love


Saturday, 14 November 2009

Bathing My Soul!

A huge Thank You to the gorgeous LissyLou for passing this lovely award on to me. (some time ago now, sorry for the delay!)

There are two parts to this award.

1. To award those things and people in our lives that, quite literally, bathe our souls. Places, things or people that inspire you, or make you happy

Who or what do we immerse ourselves in that give us a lift and help us to manage the rest of our day. That cleanse refresh and do indeed bathe our souls

2. To award the people whose blogs I love.

So the things that make me happy, calm me and make me feel that little bit better are......

My family of course, I know I have mentioned before how close we are, so I don't need to again (erm but I just did!, you know what I mean!)

My best friend, who can calm me and motivate me in equal measure.

Venice – I love it, just being there makes me smile. It’s beauty never fails to take my breath away! (and it's home to a very special bloggy friend too!)

Blogging – I get so much pleasure from it, and have met some great people as a result!

Time on my own – as much as I love my friends and family I like to just be alone with my thoughts sometimes.

Crafting – I love actually producing something to be proud of

Singing in the car! Seriously, I wail to my heart's content imagining I don't sound like a drain and people would actually like to hear me (In fact, the opposite is true!)

I'm going to present this award to...

All of you!

I would love to read about what bathes all your souls, so feel free to take this award (but let me know if you post it because I will want to make sure I don't miss it!)

Hope you are all having a good weekend!

Victoria and I are at the Vintage and Handmade Fair today, can't wait to share our fun with you tomorrow!!

Lots of Love until then!!!!


Friday, 13 November 2009

Road Trip!!!

Right about now Victoria and I should be well and truly on our way to Bristol!

I don't suppose we will see any of these sights as we are going there with one thing on our minds!

Thats right, the Vintage and Handmade Fair tomorrow!

Hope to see some of you there :)
Lots of Love

Thursday, 12 November 2009

A Day in the Country!

We had a lovely day, It was Really busy but well worth fighting through the crowds!

There were loads of fantastic stalls selling everything from dried fruit and nuts, fabric, decorations and greetings cards (and that's just for starters!)

Ok! Ok! You wanna see what I bought?

I fell in love with this cushion in the first 5 mins and just had to go back for it! Then saw the other cushion cover for only £7 (Obviously a bargain!!!!), A lovely reel of ribbon (can't go anywhere without picking some up!!!) Some cool Union Jack note cards, two ultra cute kitsch greetings cards and an ornament tree (been looking for one like this for ages!)

Some beautiful linen napkins, these match perfectly with my decor and Victoria would never have forgiven me if I hadn't bought them! (mainly because I would have been driving her mad wishing I had!)

We subscribed to Country Living Magazine for the whole of next year at almost half price, as if that wasn't bargain enough we received free Jan Constantine Stockings for our efforts!

Here is mine! I love it!

My favourite purchase of the day has to be these mini metal heart decorations, they are so cute and came at a bargain price of 50p each!!! Perfect for my ornament tree in the kitchen!

And look who we met!

The lovely Kate of Sewpatchwork fame, what a gem! Kate was truly charming! We hope to see her again very soon!

Lots of Love


All's Fair!

Very excited today! Victoria, Rose and I are off to the Country Living Christmas Fair

We are heading off bright and early (after taking the lovely Rianna to school!) We have the Lead for Rose so we can't loose her when she wanders off, Plenty of cash and our oyster cards at the ready!

We are hoping to bump into some of our bloggy friends there so if you see us please say hello!!

Also, Victoria and I are all set to head up (I think it’s more sideways actually!) to Bristol on Friday for the Vintage and Handmade Fair.

We only decided to go last week but I’m really looking forward to it! Will be nice to have a change of scenery, hopefully meet some bloggers and of course purchase some pretties!

I just love a spontaneous road trip (and staying in hotels!)

Lots of Love


Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday

Hi ladies, Its that time again! Weight Loss Wednesday, hosted by Jennifer at Rosey Little Things (click on the button to link to Jennifer's blog, for a full list of participants)
No weight loss to report this week, didn't make it to class and like to go by the 'official' weight!
I have had a good week really, not feeling great but have looked after myself well!!
A facial, a pedicure some waxing and a cool new hair cut! (pictures to follow!)

Hope everyone has had a good week! I'll be round to see you all soon


Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Rainbow Swap Reveal, Pink Lady!!

I'm long overdue in posting about the fabulous swap package I received from the lovely Victoria Plum as part of Lululiz's 'all the colours of the rainbow' swap.

The idea of the swap was to choose a colour, I chose pink of course, Victoria chose grey!!! I then received a Swap package of wonderful, pink presents and sent Victoria a parcel of grey gifts in return!

So enough of the science bit, wanna see what I received?
OK then!

Beautifully wrapped presents! I always think it's such a shame to open them when they look so pretty! But I'm not that good!

I loved everything Victoria sent me! If you can't see the picture properly I received:
A pink flower ice cube try, some beautiful rose pink yarn, a yummy rose scented candle, A beautiful knitted flower brooch, some gorgeous fabric, a flower soap, some greeting cards, some beautiful decorative papers, some fab barbie sprinkle for my cupcakes, a face pack and some yummy pink smarties.

I was so pleased with everything, Thank you so much Victoria!!!!

You can see the package I sent here, I had allot of fun choosing the items for my package even though I was slightly scared at the prospect of finding nice grey items!

I love taking part in swaps and this one was great fun! A big thank you to Liz for arranging it xxx

By now all of those joining in should have received your details for the Secret Santa Swap!

We are so pleased so many could join in (we have 35 participants!) It took a while to sort out I can tell you! A full list of participants will be available shortly. (when I've done it!) Keep an eye out because one of them could be sending to you!

Lots of Love