Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday

It's Weight Loss Wednesday again girls!

Click on the button to link to Jennifer's blog to see her post and a full list of participants.

Sorry for the lateness (and shortness) of this post. Been feeling a bit under the weather and have only just managed to pull myself together!

So quickly! Lost 1lb (still feels like a million to go!)

I'm loving Victoria's posts each week and even though she is my friend and I have heard her advice many times, somehow seeing it in black and white makes it seem all the more sensible! Thank you Victoria!

I promise next week's post will be a little more inspiring!

Lots of Love



Della said...

Yay! Good for you Kelly! I hope you feel better soon- just in time for the weekend. ;)

Martha's Favorites said...

What is this Weight Loss Wednesday all about? Can fat girls join? Please let me know. Blessings, Martha

jo said...

Hope you feel well soon Kelly. To loose a little and often they say is the best way to loose weight. Only wished I could practice what I preach, I could do with loosing a stone befor Christmas cause that little blck dress aint gonna fit!

Michela said...

Hi sweetie, I'm very sorry for you..I agree with you, Vic has got some great advices on her blog! xxx

Rose Charles said...

1lb is better than nothing so you should be pleased!

Hope you feel better soon :-)

Rose X

Florence and Mary said...

Well done on the weight loss, remember to reward the small losses and think about the next week rather that the "million" you feel you still need to go!

Glad you're enjoying my WLW posts

Victoria xx

LoloDesigns said...

Well done! All losses are good no matter how small, you're doing fine considering it is hibernation season;o)

Feel better soon xx

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Good job, Kelly! I hope you feel better soon. Victoria is a great inspiration isn't she?! Enjoy your day! Twyla

roseylittlethings said...

Good for you! 1lb is a lot especially if you realize that it is equal to 1 box of butter:)

Felicity said...

congrats on the loss, little by little is the best way! hope your feeling better soon, fliss xx

Elise said...

great post !

Connie said...

little and often is the key Kelly, keep it up your a beautiful lady now dont forget, hope you feeling better now love you loads xxx