Friday, 27 November 2009

Legal Eagle!

Victoria recently lent me her Ally McBeal DVD collection, which I am working my way through rapidly being confined to the house on my own! I remember some from watching the series originally but am loving it none the less!

Feeling a bit better now and hoping to improve over the weekend, only one more day of Tamiflu to take!

What are you watching at the moment?

Lots of Love



Florence and Mary said...

Glad Ally & Co are able to keep you company at the moment whilst your in solitary

Victoria xx

Michela said...

Oh, naughty Victoria, who is leaving you alone with your Tamiflu and the DVDs! Be better soon!
xxxxx your friend "Aspirine"

Caroline said...

Oh, I love Ally McBeal - love the mixture of sad and happy all in one hit. I'm currently engrossed in Gossip Girl - my new guilty pleasure! x

Wendy said...

Oh Sweetie,
I'm so sorry to hear you are poorly!
Snuggle up cozy and watch Ally, that will also be good the the soul I would think!
Take care of you.

Connie said...

Snuggle up Kelly and keep warm, and you will soon be back on your feet!! Max and Gem send their love 2 xxx

sarah-jane down the lane said...

I am always keen to burst into a song at any given moment so Ms. Mcbeal really appels to me too1! I especially liked Robert Downey Jnr as her squeeze!

Feel better soon Kelly,

Sarah x

LoloDesigns said...

Loved Ally and watched it avidly when it first came out. Didn't know you were poorly, hope you are better soon. x

Queenmothermamaw said...

My daughter and I just watched Polar Express for about the 100th time. She is my baby at 32. Hope you are better soon. I liked Ally McBeal too.

april o. @ the artchics said...

OMG! I just saw that set at Target and thought I would love to rewatch it! Thanks for visiting me. Have you seen the big pink trees? I would love to have one. Hope you are feeling better.

Sandy Michelle said...

Hey girl! I hope you're feeling better! It just isn't Christmas here without watching rerund of Allie or listening to her Christmas cd!


Cally's Cottage said...

Hope you will be fighting fit for all the upcoming festivities x x x

Sherry said...

Hope your feeling better Kelly!! I've never watched any of the episodes of Ally McBeal, but it looks good! Rest up and enjoy!