Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Weght Loss Wednesday - A Change is as Good as a Rest

Hi Ladies, Its that time again! Weight Loss Wednesday is hosted by Jennifer at Rosey Little things! (click on the button to link to Jennifer's blog for a list of participants)

This week, as you know, I have been poorly which gave me allot of time for reflection!
I have been struggling following the slimming world plan recently, while it is a brilliant diet it just doesn't fit in with my life as it is at the moment. I find it really hard to stick to the plan when going out and sometimes with my shift work I just can't plan for every eventuality!

I have decided that rather than struggle needlessly and feel like I am failing I would change tact and start to follow the Weight Watchers points plan that so many of my friends follow with great success.

I like the fact that the Weight Watchers plan will give me greater freedom to fit my eating plan in to my lifestyle, I have already been following the points plan for a couple of days and feel far happier that I can maintian this way of eating even when life throws me a curve ball!

I have my points calculator and a notebook to keep track of my eating and am armed with all of Victoria's hints and tips! I'm lucky that I have my buddy to share my successes (and blips!) with so will be weighing on a thursday (the same day as Victoria!)

Wish me luck!

Feeling allot better now and am back to work tomorrow morning!
I have loads to catch up on and will be round to visit you all soon xxx

Lots of Love



Michela said...

Glad you're better!!!!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

Good luck, Kelly! It surely will help to have someone to diet with. This is a tough time of year, so I am really proud of you for sticking with it! Twyla

LoloDesigns said...

Hey glad you are better! Think you are all sooo good dieting at this time of year, I clearly have no willpower whatsoever ;o) xx

Sherry said...

I'm not very good at sticking to anything when it comes to dieting. I hope the Weight Watchers Plan will work for you Kelly!!!


Martha's Favorites said...

Hi Kelly: I am glad you found a way to lose weight that fits your life style. I need to do that to, I going to visit those sites you listed. Blessings, Martha

roseylittlethings said...

WW is the best, you will do great!!! Can't wait to hear next week how the first week went:)

Lisa said...

Pleased to hear you are feeling better. Good luck with the new plan.
Lisa x

Josie-Mary said...

Glad you're feeling better now. Good luck with the new plan :) x

jo said...

Hope the points work for you. May have to join you in the New Year!

Jo xx

LissyLou said...

good luck Kelly xx

Florence and Mary said...

WW is soooo much better, all the best people do it! ;o)

Victoria xx

Victoria Plum said...

Good luck with WW ... I have to say that I have tried Slimming World and Rosemary Conley - but always go back to WW as it works for me!
Put a little something in the post for you yesterday ... a couple more pink things that have been lurking at the bottom of my handbag for weeks (the perils of having a huge handbag!!) ... hope that you like them, and that you are fully recovered from your S.F

Pomona said...

Glad you are feeling better - I have a friend who is doing Weightwatchers online and finds it really good.

Pomona x

Sandra Evertson said...

Thanks for the heads up, will check it out!
Happy Holidays to you!
Sandra Evertson

Kissed by an Angel said...

Glad to see that you are better at last!!! Good luck with WW it's a good plan!!

Come on over to my blog and join in my give away!! You don't want to miss out on all the fun!!!


Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

Hiya Kelly! Long time no read sorry, Chuck.
I hope you and yours are groovy and looking forward to the festive season.
Sorry to read you've been a bit poorly. Hope you're feeling better today.