Thursday, 22 October 2009

Show Us Your Cath!

It's here!!!
'Show Us Your Cath' hosted by the fabulous LissyLou!
A whole day of this!

Well all of us in blogland love our Cath don’t we?
I know it can be expensive, yes, it may be getting 'too' common, but it’s pretty and we like it, so why fight it?
Cath Kidston began 16 years ago in what she calls a 'glorified junk shop', selling hand-embroidered tea-towels, vintage fabrics and renovated furniture to the yummy mummy set in London's Holland Park. From this relatively humble beginning has grown a seemingly recession-proof 'global lifestyle brand'
I like to think that some of you, my talented bloggy friends, are capable of such achievement too!

I love the floral designs best, my all time favourite is the washed roses pattern, I just think It’s so pretty!
The vast part of my collection is made up from tins!
I like the 'useful' stuff, things I can use and enjoy on a day to day basis.
Shoe shine, first aid and sewing tins! They are so cute and I use them all the time!

Matches (that I refill because I love the box!) and a yummy tape measure that Victoria bought for me (what a star!)

I love the cleaning bits and bobs, anything to make the cleaning more fun! I love my dusters and this cute washing up brush. My spare carrier bags need never get messy with a little help from Cath!

More recently I wanted a few of the red polka dot bits for the kitchen I got the the oven glove but they didn’t have any of the tea towels in the shop so I will have to wait for a future visit!
I can put it all in my pretty tote!

Even my computers have Cath wallpapers! (get yours Here!)

I don't have any of the clothes but have fallen in love with this dress. I want!!!!!!

Lots of love


Kate said...

Hi Kelly
lovely cath bits, I tried that dress on this morning, lovely on the hanger but when I put it on it looked dreadful, so I won't be buying it, maybe it's just my body need to loose a few pounds.
Have a great day

LissyLou said...

thanks for taking part kelly. love your cath bits!! alot of them are on my christmas list!!!

Michela said...

I thought that brush was...!Silly me!
I've got some great CK bits from a wonderful lady too! ;-) said...

Hello, loved the party, I am having one too, it is great isn't it, lovely idea frlom Lissy Lou! What beautiful goodies you have , I love the tins! Suzie. x

sarah-jane down the lane said...

All hail the Cath!

How we love her and all her goodies, thanks for sharing!

Sarah x

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

LOve your Cath things!!!!

Come see my Cath post!!

The Crap Blog Detective said...

I do not love our Cath.

Mary Poppins said...

What a pretty post :) I really liked the shoe shine tin, I don't think they do it anymore or do they, I shall have to looky ;)

Thanks for the invite and thanks for sharing, you are invited to mine too ;)


bekimarie said...

You really have to get that dress, I can so see you in it.
Lovely items you have there hun!
Beki xxx

Kissed by an Angel said...

What a great collection of Cath you have!!! I don't have any myself... hmm, maybe I should start!!!


Florence and Mary said...

Red spotty things are the best!

I haven't got the shoe shine tin yet... I'll have to bring my shoes round yours to be shined!!

Victoria xx

TCake said...

how many lovely bits have you got!...hope your ok.. have a fab day... hugs Tx

re said...

Lovely stuff.

Rose said...

Im envious of your CK collection Kelly! The patterns are lovely and I love all those tins in the first picture especially! I want lol :)
I havent got any CK stuff, a bit expensive for me, so I will just admire yours. I also adore the matches box, such a sweet pattern.


koralee said...

So so in Canada we do not get much of her items. A wee bit in stores every once in awhile. I do have her wallpaper on my computer...and I do have her catalogue on my coffee table..but that is about it! boo dream is to go into one of her stores one day. Thanks for sharing all your lovely lovely cath items.

Cally's Cottage said...

What a lovely collection!!
Warm Wishes,
Cally x

MelMel said...

Long live CK indeed!!!
I love your CK pretties....really super!

I'm accepting my award and doing the again!xx

Sherry said...

I've only heard of Cath on Victoria's blog before. I am so in LOVE with her fabrics!!! The rose print is to die for. Tell me, why did my ancestors come to America and leave England??

Have a wonderful day Kelly!