Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Sherry's Award

The wonderful Sherry from If I Could Set My Soul Free has given me this beautiful award!
I love Sherry's blog and consider receiving this award a real honour, thank you Sherry!

The rules of the award are:
1. Thank the person who gave this to you
2. Copy the logo and post it on your blog
3. Link to the person that nominated you
4. Name 7 things about you that no one would really know

OK so this is quite hard as I think I'm pretty open so I'm sorry if my 'secrets' sound dull!

1. I’m scared of clowns; the big red nose, white faced, and crosses for eyes type! My friend had some porcelain ones when we were younger and I used to make her turn them to face the wall so they couldn't ‘look’ at me! Random I know!

2. My job is unusual and may surprise some of you. I am a Signal Incident Manager on London Underground, the only female to have ever done this job! I could bore you stupid but I’ll just say if I’m not in the office writing reports I spend my days (and some nights) jumping off the front of trains or walking down tracks (dodging trains!) and fixing signalling stuff.

3. I want a tattoo on my left foot that says ‘follow your bliss’ I want it to remind myself to only do those things that make me happy. Haven’t got round to actually getting it yet though!

4. I can’t drink, Well I can but I don’t! I am a class A lightweight, 2 glasses of wine and I’m merry, then ill! So I don’t bother very often!

5. I have a pierced navel!

6. I make a short story long! Why say in 10 words what I could say in 110 words? And then I forget what I was talking about! (you may have noticed this!)

I can’t tell jokes – I always get them wrong or forget the punchline

So that's a few little facts about me!

Now I have to pass this award on, as this award is about getting to know people better I thought it would be a good idea to pass it to a few bloggers I have just 'met'!

Annie @ Birdcages and Butterflies

Mel @ At Home With MelMel

Sarah Jane Down The Lane

Kitschen Pink

Looking forward to hearing all about you!Check Spelling

See you tomorrow :)

Lots of Love



Michela said...

Hi sweetie! Congratulations on your award!...another 10 days off from work and you'll get the Oscar! Just kidding! You really deserve a million more awards!
It is not so weird the fact of being scared of clowns, many people are scared of statues and dolls too.

dottydaisies said...

hi kelly returning the hello, very excited as this is my first swap not entirely sure of the rules am i allowed to ask you about what you like or is it all a great big suprise!!!!

philippa said...

Wow. I'll be less rude when sulking about the Tube from now on! I am a DLR commuter at the moment, but we have having an office move in two weeks time and then I will be at the mercy of the Jubilee line...

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Wow! thanks so much Kelly, I am very honoured to receive your award it is so sweet of you!

Wow! I love what you do, what an amazing life that must be, all subterranean. One of those jobs no-one takes the time to think about and yet vital to the smooth running of things. I shall think of you next time I venture up to the Smoke!

Love Sarah x

Rose Charles said...

well done on the award :-)

Rose XXX

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

What a fab job! I too am scared of clowns, can't hold my drink, have a naval piercing (which is out at the mo due to bump!) and I just got my first tatt a couple of summers ago at age 31 hehehe :D
Brill post! Well done on the award. Xx

Rose said...

Congrats on your award Kelly. I loved reading those things about you. Your job sounds interesting!
I like the idea of the tattoo you would like to get. Im the same as you with jokes ha :)
Not sure about the santa swap yet, im on placement full time so might sit on it for a week to see if i will have enough time :) shall let you know soon.


Cally said...

Its lovely to get to know people,your job sounds very interesting - how did you end up doing that I wonder!
I think the challenge you commented on on my blog may be easier to achieve in a rural community without all the temptations of the high street!!?
Have a lovely week.
Warm Wishes,
Cally x

Annie @ Birdcages n Butterflies x said...

AWW thanks hunny!! Well done on yours..def very worthy of such a lovely award!!
Looking forward to reading more...now let me think 7 things....
Annie x

Kissed by an Angel said...

The award was well deserved, congratulations!!!
It's lovely to find out more about our fellow bloggers!!!!
Well done!!


bekimarie said...

Well done on the award, well deserved.
Great facts about yourself hun :)
Now go and get that tatoo done!
Beki xxx

Florence and Mary said...

I can indeed confirm for any doubters you are definitely a lightweight who makes a short story long! ;o)

You missed stating the obvious... "and this is disneyworld" ;o)

Victoria xx

lemonade kitty said...

hahaha you're sooo funny congrats oln the award and you MUST at the first opportunity get the tattoo..love Lucey xx

lemonade kitty said...

hahaha you're sooo funny congrats oln the award and you MUST at the first opportunity get the tattoo..love Lucey xx

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Well done honey, you deserve it.
Lovely to hear more about you, you job sounds cool.I too don't like clowns.
Luv Sophie xxx

Sherry said...

My daughter is so scared of clowns too, she has her naval pierced and she has tattoo's. Your job sounds really cool! I've only been on a subway once before...I thought it was pretty neat! You remind me a lot of me. I can't drink much, I end up talking way to much and then forgot what I was originally talking about and I can't tell jokes. Thanks for sharing Kelly! I learned some interesting and fun things about you.

LissyLou said...

clowns are scary!!!!!

I want a tattoo - but keep putting it off!!!! That sounds like a lovely one to have.

Homemakers Tales said...

Hi Kelly ..yes i have Anna christmas set from last year too the modern one love it i got flulost my mojo and didnt make more than a few last minute cards the previous year i did 150 ish like you i have so much stiff and equipment that i am planning to sell some ..i think !?Love Kieren x