Tuesday, 27 October 2009

I Love Knitting!

I love knitting, I'm not very good, but I try and am getting better!
Knitting always makes me smile as it reminds me of my Nanny Pam (my Mum's Mum) who was a fantastic knitter! (I always hope she is watching over me, to give me a hand when I get stuck!)

In the summer Victoria and I went for a knitting lesson at Prick Your Finger in Bethnal Green.

We spend a lovely couple of hours learning the basics. The shop is a treasure trove and worth a visit just to look at all the knitted objects they have on display (everything from fruit and veggies to a knitted toilet!)

Recently, I have been more determined to practice and try my hand at actually producing something decent!
I got involved with 'The Big Knit' hosed by the lovely Joe at Josie Mary, where we made hats for smoothie bottles and felt good that I had actually finished something!
I really wanted make something more substantial but get a bit nervous when I look at knitting patterns, blah blah! it all merges into one and overwhelms me!

I don't want to bite off more than I can chew and put myself off!

Baby steps Kelly, Baby steps!

Then I found this book!

I love the fact that all the blankets are made up from knitted squares and every square uses different techniques!
I'm hoping this will be the answer to my knitting dilemma, I will be working on something useful and pretty, but also not too overwhelming as I'm only going to be knitting squares.
I will also get to try lots of different stitches and techniques on a smaller sale, perfect for me to practice!

Wish me luck!!!

Lots of Love



Kate said...

Hi Kelly
I'm a bit like that with knitting and knitting patterns, nearly all the females in my family are great knitters so it's in the genes I just need to concentrate more.
Have a great week

Lululiz said...

I am not a great knitter either, I can manage scarves, and a straight forward jumper at a push, but no fancy stitches. That book looks really good. Go for it, girl!

Florence and Mary said...

Why have you not told me about this book! I think I will have to have a browse this evening!

I think we need to return to Prick Your Finger armed with that bobble wool for some professional help!!!

Victoria xx

RachelM said...

Good Luck with the knitting! I can't knit yet. Notice how I said yet! This year I've taught myself to crochet, so maybe next year I'll have a go at knitting. That book looks like a good place to start.

Michela said...

Hey! Now You have to prepare a proper dinner for poor Victoria and her brace! Then happy knitting!

Victoria Plum said...

Knitting is fab! In a perfect world I wouldn't have to work and could sit at home knitting all day!! I am half way through my first big project ... which is going to be a present for my brother's girlfriend ... so can't really post any details in case she is reading :) I'm just so slow at it!

Hope you are having a good week ... sorry, you are probably wondering where on earth is your pink parcel! Mr Plum will be posting it for me tomorrow ... I haven't been able to get to a post office.


Rose Charles said...

Hi Kelly,

I love that book! I wish I could knit, but there are still so many crochet things I have to learn, not sure I can tackle anything else just yet!

Rose XXX

Kissed by an Angel said...

I love knitting - it is one craft that I can do!!! I have seen that book, it's fantastic!! Just right for a beginner to practice their newly learned skills!!! Well done!! Keep going!!


Going UP said...

Hi Kelly: Thank you for stopping by my blog. I wish I could knit! I cann't wait to see what you make. I am sure it will be beautiful. Blessings, Martha

Sherry said...

I've always thought knitting was so much prettier than crocheting...but my Grandma taught me to crochet and for that I am thankful and quite happy to continue her art. Good luck with your knitting ventures!


Cally's Cottage said...

I am a learner ,I can knit pretty ok now - but I CANNOT read patterns! Oh dear, I could really do with a lesson down here.
Keep going!
Warm Wishes,
Cally x