Sunday, 25 October 2009

Mind the Gap!

Hello all of you!
It seems like I have been away for ages!
I have just been doing the week of hell at work (2 weekends on the trot with late shift between)
But on a positive note it's over for another 10 weeks and I survived!!! (and so did the railway!)

4 days in blogsville is a very long time and Google Reader is telling me I have loads to catch up on, so I apologise for the lateness of my comments!
Can't wait to see what you have all been up to!
Lots of Love


Florence and Mary said...

Thankfully you still managed to find time to dye my hair!!!!

Look forward to catching up on Tuesday!

Victoria x

Josie-Mary said...

I wondered where you went! Glad your nightmare week is over :)

Michela said...

Hi honey, have a good week and don't work too hard! ;-)

Wendy said...

Well done Kelly!
That's the spirit, and it's over for another 10wks - Yippee!
Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me a lovely message.
P.S Love all you Cath bits.

MelMel said...

Hello....doing my award!xx

Kissed by an Angel said...

Welcome back to Blogsville!!!


Polka Dot Moon said...

Darn that dreaded work thing we have to do!!! Have a relaxing week :)

Cally's Cottage said...

Take a well deserved rest and put your feet up! Have a Happy Halloween!
Warm Winter Wishes,
Cally xxx

Sherry said...

Now you can enjoy yourself a little after working so hard! I'm looking forward to not being so overwhelmed too!


Rose said...

Ah gosh, im dreading doing night shifts starting next year, as a student nurse we dont have to do them fortunately. I know what you mean about catching up, i missed a day and have so much to catch up on!


lemonade kitty said...

You do a great job and I'm sure the railway couldn't survive without people like you, happy blogging. Thanks for visiting me love Lucey xx

Duchess of Tea said...

Hello Kelly darling, I will start this comment by telling you how much I have missed you these past few weeks. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kind words and prayers. I want you to know that your comments have meant the world to me. I am so glad that I was able to be of comfort to you then and I am proud of you now for bouncing back as you have. Darling, your comments brought tears of joy to my eyes, I so wish I could just reach and give you a hug. I am one lucky girl to have you as a friend; you truly are the gem in my teacup. I am now off to stroll around your blog to see what I have missed.

I truly missed you luv
Love & Hugs