Thursday, 8 October 2009

Knittin' and Stichin'

Today Victoria, Rose and I went to the Knitting and Stitching show at Alexandra Palace.
Here's a picture of the girls that I managed to snap as they made a bolt for the entrance!
The Knitting and Stitching Show is a feast for the eyes to anyone interested in textiles! If you are passionate about stitching, knitting, quilting, crafts or any other form of textiles this is the place for you!
There were hundreds of stalls offering fabrics, yarns, cross stitch, buttons, beading, just about everything you can think of that's knitty or stitchy and some stuff I've never even heard of!

Of course it would have been rude to come away empty handed so here is what I treated myself to!
The fabric was just lovely and at only £2 for a fat quarter I got a few :). The lady running the stall was lovely and has an ebay shop called Fiddlesticks Fabrics. I would certainly look there for future purchases.

The ribbons were only £1 a reel because Victoria and I bought 20 in one go and shared. This offer is available online too, just click here to get yours!

I also bought a selection of brightly coloured, pick'n'mix buttons, a huge ball of chunky, grey yarn and some super cool 'bobbly' yarn(I have no idea what the actual name for this is!) Victoria bought some of this too so we are planning to bond over creating ourselves scarves with it!

Victoria 'eagle eyes' Eales also spotted me this lovely book while we were waiting for Rose (who kept going missing!)
I thought it was fab! I remember my Nanny Pam (my Mum's Mum , and the knitting Queen of the family!) making me knitted clothes for my Sindys and Barbies. And came over all nostalgic.
While I was trying to decide whether I should see if it was cheaper on Amazon, the writer, Nicky Epstein came over and offered to sign the book for me. SOLD!
Now how did she know I was a sucker for a signed book?
I had a lovely day at the show and have come back with good intentions and renewed enthusiasm to actually make something rather than just view and stroke my crafting stash!
I have a rest week from work next week so I will (I will, I will, I will) get to grips with my sewing machine!
Right ladies I'm off to blog hop and then stroke (sorry make something fabulous out of!) my new fabric :)
Lots of Love


Florence and Mary said...

Ok before I go on.... next time warn me that my skirt is wonky and remind me to bring photos so my face isn't all scrunched up when posing for photos!!!

Aside from my facial and dressing errors I'm so pleased my eagle eye was on form... that book was a keeper!

Another great day

Victoria xx

bekimarie said...

What a great bundle of FQs and such a fabby price and as for that book........WOW, well done victoria!
Right, off to reply yo your email now.
Beki xxx

Victoria Plum said...

Why oh why do I always miss these fab events in London????? Next year I will def have to go! Although - not sure I would be able to control myself around all that fabric and wool!

Have a great Friday!

Kate said...

I'm so jealous I was supposed to be going on Saturday but can't now, I've got to help my 23 yr old move flats in Bristol, why are boys so useless?
Have a great weekend

sarah-jane down the lane said...

So so jealous! Wish I could have come too! must get organised next year!

Have a lovely weekend,

Sarah x

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

Heh he! I often just drool over my craft stashes too.
What a brilliant day out and so lucky with the signed book!
Have fun getting to grips with your sewing machine :D
Lucy. Xx

Michela said...

Lovely goodies! Glad you had a fantastic day out with those 2 strange chaps ;-)!

Felicity said...

oh it looks lovely! I got a blythe doll last year and Im going to knit and sew bits for her!!! my husband despairs with me! fliss xx

Kissed by an Angel said...

What a lovely day you had. It looks like you bought plenty of stuff to keep you going!

Pomona said...

I think it is just as well that I didn't go - it all looks so exciting that my resolve would have been severely tested! Glad you had fun and bought lots of nice things.

Pomona x

Rose said...

You got some awesome goodies! And that barbie book was a great find, if you make anything from it you will have to share it with us.


LissyLou said...

What great fun!
Loving the book by the way :)

LoloDesigns said...

My mum and I drove down from Cambridge to Ally Pally on the Sunday, got there at 10.15am and it was mayhem! No parking at all anywhere! Closest was centre of Woodgreen and then hanging around the free shuttle buses they were putting on! So reluctantly we had to give up and drive all the way back. Going to the NEC one next, way more parking there!

Love all the bits you got and thanks for the links to some of the goodies. xx