Friday, 3 September 2010

The Kitchen - A good start!

Well before the wedding I had planned to re vamp the kitchen, I bought all of the necessaries (which are piled up behind the sofa!) and then it all went by the wayside.....until now!

We are really getting to grips with the house, doing all those jobs, and finishing touches that you just stop noticing after a while (or they will drive you nuts!)
This weekend we are going to try to get the kitchen done and I'm really excited!

I thought I'd share a the 'before' photos with you today, ready to reveal the finished article with you!

I put this kitchen in about 3 years ago now and am still happy with my choice of off white cabinet with butchers block surfaces, I'm so glad I picked something classic and adaptable!
With such a small kitchen I have always kept it really light and, despite the re vamp, I do actually still like everything about it! I just felt that it was a little 'flat' and wanted to inject a little more colour and interest!
(oh and have a proper light, not a bare bulb!)

Pop back next week to see the new, (hopefully) improved version!!!

Have a good weekend everyone! Wish me luck!!!

Lots of Love



bunny said...

I Kinda like it now...especially the hanging light bulb but looking forward to see what you've done...marriage, baby and go girl!


Josie-Mary said...

It looks very neat & tidy! Looking forward to seeing the revamp :) x

Green thumb said...

Lovely to see where our domestic goddess creates her fancy cakes!

bekimarie said...

Wish my kitchen looked that tidy lol.
Look forward to seeing the revamp!

B xxx

Vintage Amethyst said...

Sweet & classic, looking forward to seeing photos of the revamp.
Have a great weekend

RosieP said...

Love your house Kel, it's always very tidy, wish you lived with me.

love you, Tante xxxx

Floss said...

Exciting stuff! Best of luck, and thanks for your comment - comfy shoes are best!

AshTreeCottage said...

Hi Kelly! You already have a lovely place to nest. Can't wait to see what changes you make!!

Susan and Bentley

Sue at Dollytub Cottage said...

Hi Kelly! I have given you a mention and a back link on my blog today. SueXXX

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Oh can't wait to see what you do to the kitchen Kelly, although I do Like it now as it is.
I bit it will look spectacular.
Luv Sophie xxx

Florence and Mary said...

If it makes you feel any better I've never noticed the bare bulb!! Obviously I've only paid attention to the food cooking!

Victoria x

Della said...

Can't wait to see what you do!