Saturday, 26 November 2011

Hi Ho, Hi Ho........

It's back to work I go!

Well its been about a month, and we seem to be getting settled into what would pass as a routine, or as close to one as we can get with us both working shifts!
Its been horrible leaving Sophie, but she is genuinely loving nursery now and is really benefiting from being with the other children.  We love that we can get things done in half the time and when we pick her up we can devote our attention and time to her without worrying about the pile of washing or errands that we need to run!
For me its been a bit more difficult, there is lots of new equipment I need to be trained on, permits and licenses to renew and generally brushing up on my duties (not an easy prospect when the most brain taxing thing I've done for the past year is watch Micky Mouse Clubhouse!)

On a positive, though, it means I get a little 'Me time' that I plan to use to get my blogging head on again.  I have missed keeping up to date with what's going on in blogsville and can't wait to have a good read!

Lots of Love


Florence and Mary said...

It's been great having you back on email hun!

Victoria xx

Josie-Mary said...

Lovely to have you back 😊xx

Mrs. Cozy Home said...

Welcome back and congrats on starting work again, it sounds like everyone is settling in nicely!

Your daughter is gorgeous...

LoloDesigns said...

Great to have you back with us all, we've missed ya! Lolo xx

A garden just outside Venice said...

Thank God for Facebook then! ;-)
I'm so pleased to read that everything is going smoothly for you and Soph!
I had a good laugh today when hubby reporter about her very first flirt, LOL!