Wednesday, 7 December 2011

God Jul! (That's Swedish for Merry Christmas!)

 I love these glass tree ornaments available from Ikea!
They go perfectly with my 'Christmas look!' (check out my 'Christmas house' here and here)

I'm so excited at the prospect of decorating this year.  Not only is it Sophie's first Christmas but I never got my beautiful decorations out last year due to being so heavily pregnant!
From the reaction we got when we decorated for Halloween this year I think Sophie is going to love Christmas as much as Mummy!

Lots of Love xxxx


A garden just outside Venice said...

Hi hunny!
Still no decorating here, but I do have a Christmas tree awaiting for Santa's elves to be planted in a pot..I hope it will be up within our long Bank Holiday weekend..

Josie-Mary said...

Love the trees! I'm putting my tree up today :) xx

Rose said...

Hi Kelly!
Firstly thanks so much for your email. Blogging has stopped for me for now because life suddenly got too busy. Mikey and I finally moved in together, we got a little kitten and Ive been busy looking into wedding bits and pieces as well as being in my friends wedding last month. I do occasionally stop by some of my favourite blogs, but blogging is terribly time consuming, hopefully I will get around to blogging again some time :)
I hope you and your gorgeous little girl are keeping well! And hope your enjoy your first christmas with Sophie.
Rose x