Monday, 24 September 2012

Taking To The Hills....

I couldn't visit Italy without making plans with my gorgeous friend Michela.  

We usually meet in Venice and then our families share a meal at a restaurant, this year, because we drove and had the car available we were able to go further afield.
Michela's Parents suggested we take a trip to the Dolomites for an explore and a meal, this also had the bonus of getting out of the unbearable heat at the coast!

After meeting up along the way we stopped for a drink and a leg stretch just before we started climbing.


after a further drive, and I'm ashamed to say a bout of car sickness on the twisty roads!
 Sophie was treated to her first ride in a cable car, she enjoyed herself so much she is now obsessed with cable cars!!

A mere 1879 meters, to farmhouse for a regionally typical meal of Sausage, melted cheese and polenta!
Please pop over to Michela's post to see the amazing food we ate (Michela is much better at taking pictures than me!)
The views were breathtaking as you can see for yourself!



Such a beautiful town too, James and I decided that it would be lovely to spend a few days here!

We had a lovely time and would like to thank Michela and her family for sharing such a beautiful place with us!

Lots of Love xxxx


Beki said...

Looks truly beautiful xx

A garden just outside Venice said...

Oooooh...the place with the old fashioned Turkish toilet, LOL!
Thank you guys for a lovely day!
Still feeling guilty for taking James so high!

Lisa said...

Not sure I could cope with a cable car, but those views could make it worth it!
Lisa x

Florence and Mary said...

Looks gorgeous!

Victoria xxxx

SparkleFarkle said...
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SparkleFarkle said...

YIKES! Why is Sophie on a leash? I doubt that she'll thank anybody for that later.

Rachel Ward said...

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