Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Swappin and Stuff!

Hello all! The last few days have been a bit of a blur I have to say. I don't seem to have had time to turn the computer on let alone post! I know I promised you I would tell about my the items I sent for the Twilight swap, so here goes

I decided to stick with a colour theme of red, white, black and gold (as used on the book covers)
I sent:

A Pretty White Nightdress. Well, a girl's gotta look her best just in case a certain handsome vampire wants to sneak in and watch her sleep! (Denise's Husband was, apparently, very pleased so nearly as good , I'm sure!)

I made this journal. (who, in blogland, doesn't just love a journal?) I wanted this to be personal so added Denise's initials. I also added gems and beads as she had mentioned liking a bit of glitter!

An apple necklace in a black velvet pouch (the red shamrocks are taken from the Cullen family crest)
Denise had mentioned that Alice was one of her fave characters. I made this black ribbon pin to echo the black ribbon crest choker Alice wears around her neck.

A mini scrapbook. I only decorated the covers (inside and out) so that Denise (a fabulous crafter) could have fun filling the inside pages with her own favourite quotes and pictures.

A decorated box with the Cullen family crest. I used dimensional varnish to harden the paper flowers I had added to the lid. I wanted the box to resemble enamel. I lined it with velvet to carry on the theme of opulence.

Some tea towels because I liked them!

I put a few extra bits in that I forgot to photograph, chocolate and some magnet frames and sent the whole lot in a red, black and white box! Phew!

Well, I enjoyed the whole experience so much I have been lucky enough to be included in Denise's next swap.
Not one to let a trifle such as lack of a child impede my fun, I managed to get my 8 year old cousin on board (took about 2 seconds!). We are very excited and on a personal note I am really looking forward to spending time with him choosing and making the items for his partner.

Well that's all for tonight folks, I need, need, need to catch up on the last few days in blogland!
See you tomorrow, promise :)

Lots of Love


Polka Dot Moon said...

You are now the Queen of Swaps my dear!! So glad your nephew wanted to join in on the fun :)

bekimarie said...

Love all the gifts you sent but the journal and scrapbook are truly gorgeous!
I was gutted when I realised i'd missed out on the kiddie swap, Jess would of loved that. Can't wait to see what you and your cousin come up with.
Beki xxx

Anonymous said...

fab things you sent kel :-)

how did I miss the kiddie halloween swap?! lol

Although to be fair I think I have signed myself up to enough hard work with pay it forward, the wizard of oz gala, not to mention the tonnes of stuff I need to be making for the shops!

Hope you are ok?

Rose XXX

Florence and Mary said...

Bonjour ;o)

Great swap goodies... I knew you'd be great at this swap!

Victoria xx

Michela said...

C'est tout très beau!
Have fun in your new swap adventure!
Hope you'll feel better very soon :)

bekimarie said...

Hi Kelly
I've just tried emailing you (twice) but not sure if you've received it as I had a failure notice for some reason.
If you haven't can you email me please, Jess would love to do a swap.
Beki xxx

Rose said...

Wow, you did a fantastic job on the swap Kelly! Denise was very lucky to receive all these lovely things.