Saturday, 15 August 2009


I am writing this post in the hope that you all find me easily and are ready for a new start!

I have been away for what seems like an age and have so much to catch up on, I apologise in advance for bombarding you with posts to make up for my unexpected absence.
But for now I really need to get some sleep. Victoria has planned a lovely day of fun in London for us tomorrow, starting with breakfast at John Lewis, on to Selfidges and then one of our customary trips to Covent Garden. I will be sure to report back x
Lots of Love


Rose Charles said...

hey dude,

hope you are ok!

you know where I am if you want me :-)

Rose xxx

Michela said...

Hey honey!
Can I say welcome to Blogland to your new gorgeus blog?
Hope you had a safe journey!
Come on! Get up! Victoria is waiting for you for a fabulous shopping day! Have fun! ;-)

Duchess of Tea said...

Welcome back and good luck with the new blog, the background is gorgeous.

Duchess xx

Tcake said...

Hi Kelly
Sorry to hear your news, thinking of you... I hope that you & Victoria have a fab day in london...i've posted some previews of what treats you will see today!.. keep calm, carry on and life will feel brighter soon. hugs Tx

bekimarie said...

Hi Kelly

Welcome to your new blog!
Looking forward to reading about your day in London.
Have fun!
Beki xxx

Polka Dot Moon said...

Sounds like you have a fabulous friend in Victoria! Time will heal all wounds.
Enjoy London with your friend :)

Victoria Plum said...

So sorry to hear your news ... glad you have got your friends and family nearby for support. Hope you have had a wonderful day in London ... looking forward to your next post.

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Loving your new blog.
Enjoy your day in london.
Sophie xxx

Florence and Mary said...

And what a fun day we had!!!!

Victoria xx