Thursday, 20 January 2011

The Krypton Factor....

Today I'll be trying to master Sophie's pram!

This Silver Cross 3D travel system seemed super easy when we bought it in September, but having taken it out of the box for the first time yesterday I couldn't remember for the life of me how to convert it from a pushchair to a pram or how to attach the car seat!

Thank goodness there is a demo I can refer to on line!!!

Once I have worked it out Sophie will be having her first outing since she came home from hospital

Nanny's house of course!!!
Lots of Love



Mary Poppins said...

Good luck ;0) Takes me back....

Hope all is going well, by the way am asking all newbie mummies and daddies if ever you want some freshly laundered and oh so environmentally friendly real nappies, let me know, they are were well loved and fre to good home, just sitting here, have about 10 if ever you want to try them out.


Josie-Mary said...

Good luck with that!!!! :) xx

RosieP said...

Easy peasy Kel, you are an engineer you'll sort it !
HOpe Sophie enjoys her 'walk' to see Nanny and Grumpy.


Jo said...

Awww, you'll be one proud mummy when your pushing your precious little bundle down the street. Hope you master the pram so you can get out and about.

Florence and Mary said...

How exciting... I'm looking forward to shopping with Sophie and having somewhere to hang all our shopping bags ;o)

Victoria xxx

Lisa said...

Hope you manage to work it out ok!
Very super duper looking pram.
Lisa x

LissyLou said...

oooo how i loved the Krypton factor!!

Enjoy your first little trip xxx

maryannlucy said...

look! you have had a comment from Mary Poppins!!!

Have a fun first journey out x

Green thumb said...

Please say hello to nanny Janice and grandad Martin from me! :)