Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Trumpette Fanfare.........

I love Trumpette socks!
These little boxes of super cute shoe socks come in lots of colours and styles to suit any outfit and are a perfect and unusual gift for a new baby (or just to treat your little angel!)

Sophie loves hers (she has 3 sets courtesy of Mummy and Nanny!)

And they aren't just for girls!

I just wish they did them in my size!

Lots of Love



Hannah VanderHart said...

Those dainty socks are /way/ too adorable! like, they should be illegal, they are so cute! :) my goodness!

bunny said...

Wow...I just had a conversation today regarding the sweet little Mary janes. A friend bought them for her soon to come granddaughter...Perhaps they should come in grown up


Victoria Plum said...

Oh god! I've NEVER seen these!!! Right ... off to order a batch for Baby Plum!!

Hope you are all well xxx

Florence and Mary said...

They're so much fun!!!

Victoria xx

Green thumb said...

So cute!
I love the picture of Sophie & James on your sidebar!

Jo said...

They're so cute. I think my favourites are the ones that Sophie is wearing with the little bow.

bibbitybob said...

Cute! I actually bought some similar in Sainsburys last week - a little set of ballet shoe socks, and these have inspired me to sew little bows on too! x

maryannlucy said...

Look at those pink ones with the bows cute, I would love some :-)

RosieP said...

Best thing ever xx

Terry said...

If you are interested in a similar concept but for adults, check out the website that I am running with my wife: Men's dress socks, but with a twist. We've got new styles coming out soon!