Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Weight Loss Wednesday

Hi it's that time of the week again! Yes it's Weight Loss Wednesday hosted by Jennifer over at Rosey Little Things, pop over to see a full list of participants.

Well my dear friends I've had a fab week and am happy to report a 7lb loss!
It was a hard week both mentally and physically, there has been much trudging through snow and a lot of heavy housework. Food wise I have been great, sticking to the points plan (and loving it!)
One of the main obstacles I face is that I work shifts so I thought I would share a few of the changes I made this week which I think have helped!
  • Drink lots of water, I sometimes find if I am busy I can go a whole shift without drinking and not even notice! I don't drink tea of coffee (apart from a skinny latte with breakfast on early turn!) so get left out of the rounds of drinks that get made (albeit not very frequently!). So I now keep this at work, fill it at the beginning of my shift and challenge myself to drink 2 lots during my shift. I love crystal lights (brought home from trips to the states!) don't know what I will do when I run out! (I'll have to beg some of my American friends to feed the addiction!)
  • Planning ahead, I know that if I don't I will end up grabbing anything on the fly so this week I have made sure I have packed whatever food I need for the shift I am doing, be that breakfast, lunch or dinner and lots of snacks.
  • Living on my own and with my work commitments I find it easier and more economical to use individually wrapped, portioned foods, I really need to be able grab and go. Individual portions help me not to overeat. Where the food is fresh (e.g. Weight Watchers bagels) I separate the pack and freeze individually. I also find this help to avoid wasting anything (especially as these foods are more expensive that standard stuff!)
  • I work on a quality versus points basis, for example ready jacket potatoes with cheese from Tesco Healthy Eating range are 3.5 points. The Marks and Spencer equivalent is 4 points but nicer so I opt for those (this may change as I loose weight and points get tighter!)
  • I now keep Diet Coke for a treat.
So that's it for now, I'm off to see how the other losers got on this week!
Have any of you got some tips you think would help me? I'd love to know them!

Lots of Love



Victoria Plum said...

That's a brilliant loss - well done!

roseylittlethings said...

Good job, 7 pounds is awesome!!!!

Della said...

Wow! Great job on the seven pounds...I haven't weighed myself since I started running in November. For some odd reason, there isn't a single scale in my house. But my clothes are fitting differently now!

Kate said...

Blimey Kelly that's fantastic, well done you, I have been totally rubbish this week and really need a serious kick up the bum. I think I may have to go back to the proper WW meetings just to get some motivation.
Keep up the good work.

jo said...

Oh I wish I had lost 7lb in one week! Think I have put weight on this week, too much time spent inside. Hopefully next week I can go for a walk every day.

Cally's Cottage said...

Well Done Kelly!I think that I am going to sponser you- when you have lost a stone let me know and I will send you a little something in the post- what do you think???
Happy Losing!
Warm Winter Wishes,
Cally x

TCake said...

well done you!.... great tips hun... keep up the good work. Hugs Tx

Jason and Brianne Kjar said...

awesome on loosing seven pounds keep up the great work and great advise.

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey doll
wow good for you!
i'm so happy for you!!!
keep up the good work.

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Wow excellent week. Love your top tips. I have decided to get back on ww on monday, as 3 of us in the office are doing it online.
Luv Sophie xxxx

hapi-ness said...

wow that's amazing! I have been so lazy with keeping ontop on my points! Am determined to be more disciplined! Have you been watching Anna Richardson's big fat diet show on tuesday nights? I think it's fab :D Will definately use your tips to help me keep on track :) x x x

Duchess of Tea said...

Kelly darling I am so proud of you, stay on with it and the pounds will melt with all the excellent ideas you have. I know I have gained weight, I just don't know how much. I really need to work on them before it gets out of hand. Take care.

Love & Hugs

LoloDesigns said...

Gosh you have done so well this week, you should be very proud, 7lbs is amazing!

Thanks for welcoming me aboard the team, you've definitely inspired me :o) xx

Colima said...

Good job! I will totally send you Crystal Light when you run out!!!

dottydaisies said...

Thats fantastic I just tried my jeans on and they were too tight may have to get head into healthy eating mode as opposed to 'ITS STILL CHRISTMAS ' mode x

Kissed by an Angel said...

7lbs - that's half a stone!!! Well done!! Keep it up!!!

Pomona said...

Victoria has convinced me that fruit cake counts as a helping of fruit - and I am sure that it is much more fortifying!

Pomona x

Florence and Mary said...

Great news on the weight loss hun! Fabulous start and glad you're getting organised it'll make life so much easier!

Victoria xx