Thursday, 7 January 2010

Sleeping Beauty (or should that be a beautiful sleep?)

I didn't make any New Years Resolutions (and never do!) but I did make a few promises to myself that I plan to keep!
One of those promises was that, as and when, things in the house need replacing I'll upgrade!
2 years ago, when I moved into my home I had to start from scratch. Sofas, beds, TV, everything was new (that was on top of a total renovation job for a 3 bed house!)
when it came to the basics I couldn't really afford to go mad!
In the sales I decided to upgrade my bedclothes (well we spend about a third of our lives sleeping!)
As of the 1st I upgraded poly cotton for 600 Count cotton, and hollow fibre for goose feather and down and really noticed the difference after only one night. And as well as feeling so much more comfy it looks great too!

wanna see?

A new Duvet, Pillows, sheets and square pillow cases (I'm loving the square pillows!) and all the protectors are from the Duvet and Pillow Warehouse.
It's a great site and very reasonably priced!
The duvet cover and standard oxford pillowcases are from John Lewis, the collection is called Emily and you can get it here
It's really pretty with lovely detail!

What do you think?

Well that's it for now! I'm off to bed!!!

Lots of Love



Martha's Favorites said...

Your bedding is beautiful. How could you not want to sleep on that? Have a great New Year! Blessings, Martha

Della said...

Looks super soft and comfy! And that rose pillow is super cute. Sweet dreams!

Sal said...

It is gorgeous,Kelly.
I changed my bedding yesterday and at the mo I have pure, crisp, plain white cotton on my bed,which I just love and far prefer to the other floral which I possess.
I bet you want to stay in bed all day long!! ;-)

Josie-Mary said...

I changed all my bedlinen to 100% cotton 15 years ago when I started in Habitat....the discount helped! I would never go back now. I saved up to buy a lovely feather duvet & also have square pillows.....snap!! I love my bed :) x

Victoria Plum said...

That's lovely! I completely agree with upgrading bedding ... we did after my brother organised for me and Mr Plum to spend my birthday at The Berkeley! I was completely spoiled .... and we had to recreate the 5 star bed at home! There's nothing like it! :) Trouble is .... I never want to get out of bed!


coco rose said...

Ooooooh I love it!!! That bed looks so good I want to dive right into it! There is nothing like fresh crisp beautiful bedding with big pillows that just scream 'dive onto me'!!!!!! Have a lovely day! xxx

Rachel M said...

Your bed looks so comfy. I don't think i'd ever want to get up!

Rachel XxX

LissyLou said...

that bedding is beautiful!!!
i need to upgrade our bedding too, i love our cushions on the bed, but the duvet covers are starting to look abit tatty - i'm thinking of some egyptian cotton...mmmmm.....

Rose said...

Lovely Kelly. Your bed looks super comfy, and such pretty details on the white bedding.


Lululiz said...

The room is beautiful, calm and restful and very pretty. I changed over to pure cotton covers and linen sheets a couple of years ago, and also changed the duvet and pillows to goose feather and down ones. I love it, and definitely wouldn't change back to cheaper alternatives. It is so worth it.

Lisa said...

Very pretty. You'll be nice and snug under that duvet with all this chilly weather going on.
Lisa x

Michela said...

What a fabby bedroom our little princess has got! xxx
Hope all went well for J.

LoloDesigns said...

your room is beautiful Kelly, gorgeous bedding. x

lemonade kitty said...

That bed looks ever sooo comfy...sweet dreams...Lucey xx

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

OOhh, looks really comfy & cosy. It really dose make a difference having feather I thinks!
Enjoy, but try not to hibernate as I will miss you.
Luv Sophie xxx

Kate said...

Hi Kelly
gorgeous bedding hun and I adore that cushion that is gorgeous.
Your bedroom looks so calming, love it all.
Take care

Florence and Mary said...

Yummy new bedding! Great idea to upgrade and treat yourself - you're worth it... and of course I look forward to the cast offs!!!

Victoria xx

Kissed by an Angel said...

Looks beautiful!!