Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Fit For A Quean

The restaurant we ate in on our Valentine weekend in Leamington Spa is totally deserving of a post of it’s own!

Queans restaurant is quite simply the best place I have ever eaten! Forgive me if I gush for a while but I cannot recommend this little gem of a place highly enough!

Queans’ owner and chef, Laura Hamilton, has everything spot on. The hospitality, atmosphere and food are all perfection and I have a feeling that Laura and her restaurant are local celebrities as a result!

I could go on all day about every perfect detail of our meal and experience at Queans but you will be happy to know I’m not going to because I really wouldn’t do it justice!

What I will do is tell you that if you ever have the opportunity to eat here, do yourself a favour and go for it! (oh and have the steak!)

Lots of Love



myvintageparty said...

Oooh, i'll be sure to check it out! Its not far from me and I usually pop to Leamington every couple of weeks anyway so i'll have to get the husband to take me next time!
Thanks for the tip


Kissed by an Angel said...

Sounds fantastic!!! Maybe I should go there for the weekend just to try it out!!!

RosieP said...

Sounds fabulous Kelly, makes me want to visit.

Hugs RosieP x

made with love said...

Mmmmm, sounds great. Thanks for your lovely message by the way.
Rachael XX

Lululiz said...

Sounds wonderful, such a shame that it is so far away from us. Still, you never know, if we ever find ourselves in that neck of the woods.....

maryannlucy said...

We only walked past there on Saturday when we popped to Leamington. Will definitely go in next time we are over (which may be my next Saturday off). Thanks for the tip - sounds like you had a lovely weekend - lucky you.

Duchess of Tea said...

Kelly darling, thanks so much for the lovely email, I am so happy for you darling, I truly am. With your good taste, I know this will be a fine place to dine, so it just went on my list of places to visit soon. Wishing you and Victoria a lovely time

Love & Hugs

Sophie - Chez Sophie said...

Now I'm hungry, and fancy a steak.
Not good at 11pm!!!
Luv Sophie xxx