Thursday, 25 February 2010

What's In My Handbag?

Last week I was tagged by the ever lovely Beki who wants me to reveal the contents of my handbag.
Oh dear! I’m well known for carting far too much stuff round with me, and have even been looking for an alternative (more comfortable and smaller!) bag in an attempt to curb this bad habit!

Victoria has told me I should empty it every night and re pack only what I need for the next day, I manage to clear it out about once a week so far!

So this is my everyday bag (I rarely swap around too much as I find that this goes with everything, and I’m far too lazy!)

And as for the contents? Ok here goes!

2 notebooks – The pink one is for general stuff, to do lists and reminders (it has an elastic thingy to keep it shut too which means I quite often place pieces of paper I don’t want to loose inside the front page. The blue spotty one is for blog ideas as they come to be so I don’t forget and notes to remind me of tags and awards.

Diary - The Louis Vuitton planner is fab for writing all my dates in, Victoria and I have a tradition buying each other the pages as part of our Christmas present every year!

Purse – This is Fossil and was a bargain in Marshalls (like TK MAXX but better for those of you that have never seen one!) in Florida. I think it was about $15.

Sat Nav – This is still in my bag from Valentines weekend! It’s a Garmin Nuvi and I love it because it takes the scare factor out of finding new places!

Passport – In a CK blue spotty cover, This and my driving licence are in my bag from when Victoria hired the van last week

Travel pass – In a CK red star wallet. I love this wallet, before I had it I would regularly have to search my bag for my oyster card, now I see it straight away!

Weight Watchers Journal and calculator – I’m an all or nothing girl I carry these around to try to stay on track.


2 phones – one personal and one for work

Camera – since starting blogging I always have this with me


A tube of Carmex

A Louis Vuitton Accessories pouch - bet you wish you could see what is in here!! Basically I use this to keep small stuff in one place, pens, lipsticks, cheque book, Various tablets, tissues, glasses cleaner, and WW sweeties. So that’s me! Now I have to you to show us what is in your handbag

This is such fun! I’m going to tag everyone. If you want to show me your bag (and it's contents!) take the tag and let me know you are doing it! Can't wait to have a nose!

Lots of Love



LoloDesigns said...

This looks like fun! If I remember I might have a go at the weekend, will let you know.

Your bag looks super co-ordinated and so neat and tidy. Notebook for blogging is a great idea, now why haven't I got one of those. xx

Josie-Mary said...

Blimey that's alot to carry around!!! How did all that fit in your bag? I may do this for my next post but compared to you my handbag is empty! :) x

RosieP said...

Quite restrained Kelly, all looks very neat.

Huga RosieP x

Michela said...

"I've got a massive Louis Vuitton"..I still remember that text message, ha ha! xxx

lemonade kitty said...

I actually weighed by handbag and contents and it weighed 5lbs, that's like carrying a bag of spuds on your arm!!! I'll show you mine on Monday, love your LV bag Lucey xx

bekimarie said...

You're very organised hun!
I know you should never judge a book by it's cover but i'm afraid I do and yours looks very interesting, do tell me about it.

Beki xxx

Rose said...

That must be one heavy bag Victoria! At least your prepared :)


Floss said...

It's a bit scary to see how tidy your contents are! I went down to a very small bag size when I realised that, as a mum, I'd been carrying a bottle of water from Mcdonalds and two of McD plastic toys for a whole week without even noticing them in there. Now that it's not possible to leave that kind of junk in my bag, I have no choice but to have a tidy(ish) one. Still not showing anyone the contents, though...

Kissed by an Angel said...

That looks very well organised - if a little heavy!!! Do you have a bad shoulder????? You carry some lovely things round with you!!!

Isobel said...

It being fun to look everyone's bag contents. I wasn't tagged yet, maybe I should just do the same sometime. Loved to see yours! :)

A Country Girl said...

Thats a lot of stuff - is your bag a Tardis?

made with love said...

What a very buzy bag. Blimey, you must be doing a small workout each day, heehee.
Mind you, I can talk..
Have fun,
Rachael XX

Sandy Michelle said...

Ha, it was so fun peeking inside your purse :)

Sandy xox

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

How come everything is so clean and lovely looking?
Can I be you Kelly? Ha ha.

The clasp on my purse doesn't work anymore so I have a tonne of change jangling in the bottom of mine. Plus, everytime I get the broken purse out at a till a tampon drops out ond rolls off onto the floor! How embarrassing, and WHY don't I do something about it??!!! LOL
Love C. x

Victoria Plum said...

Brilliant! I have recently downsized my handbag as it was so heavy and full of junk ... I think I may have to take you up on your tag and show mine! I'm impressed by how organised you are :)

Florence and Mary said...

Roll on our next holiday when your bag will be due a clear out ;o)

Victoria xx

Sarah said...

Love your bag xxx

angie said...

i really like your bag! xxx