Tuesday, 13 April 2010

And The Winners Are........

This month there are two giveaway winners!
I have put together two prizes, one (with some US goodies) for a blogger here in the UK, and another (British themed) for one of my lovely blogger friends overseas! (hence asking you to include your location!)

So the first package, for my UK winner......

This includes:
  • A pretty Emma Bridgewater 'Kitchen Garden' tin
  • A selection of American sweeties and some Twinkies! (yummy!)
  • 2 CK dusters
  • A 'Cherry Coke' lip smacker, lip balm (I'm addicted to this!)
  • An 'East of India' crochet keyring
  • Some Vegas playing cards (maybe to alter or use in crafting projects?)
  • Some Vegas 'Hello Kitty' post it notes
The winner of this package is......

Rachel @ Fizz Pop Bang Blog

The second package, for an overseas blogger.........

This includes:
  • A fabby Emma Bridgewater 'Union Jack' tin
  • A Union Jack patterned tote bag
  • Some Union Jack tea towels
  • An 'East of India' crochet keyring
  • A CK badge mirror
I will also include some British sweeties when I find out what my winner likes!

The winner of this package is........

Rose @ Roses R Red - Australia

Well done ladies!!!!
Just send me your addresses and I'll get your goodies off to you!
Rose can you also let me know what sweets you can eat (or what to avoid for a vegan diet!)

Remember these giveaways happen on the first Monday of every month so you still have plenty of chances left to win!!!

Lots of Love



RosieP said...

Well done to the two winners, Kelly you certainly put together a great giveaway.

Love you Tante xxxx

Rachel M said...

Thanks Kelly! What a lovely prize! :) XxX

hapi-ness said...

well done to the winners :D you have a real talent for making lovely packages kelly!! xxx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

oohh you lucky winners, what a fab giveaway!

maryannlucy said...

Lucky twosome, those are great prizes x

Anonymous said...

Well done to the lucky winners - that UJ parcel is fantastic!xx

Mary Poppins said...

Popping in quickly to thank you so much for your very touching comment on my post, meant so much to me. Have emailed you too X

Me....bunny said...

Congrats to the two lucky ladies...wonderful goodies. Good to hear from you this morning...Hope you have a good one!


Hannah VanderHart said...

Amazing give-aways run in your family...what a great gene to have ;)

Your themes are FANTASTIC...

so sweet, Kelly!

Martha's Favorites said...

Hi: Two lucky ladies! Blessings, Martha

Rose said...

Oh Kelly, I cant tell you how excited i am to win one of your giveaways!!! You always put together such lovely packages :)

Thankyou so much!


Lisa said...

Congrats to the winners.
Such lovely giveaways again Kelly!
Lisa x

A Country Girl said...

Congrats to those two - great prizes!

Vintage Amethyst said...

OOhhh fab prizes ~ well done to the winners.

Kissed by an Angel said...

Congratulations to the winners!! Fantastic giveaway, you are so generous Kel!!