Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Great British Bake Off?

I was very flattered last week when I came into work to find this had been left on my desk by a colleague!

Its good to know that he enjoys my cupcakes and biscuits (or that he wants to get rid of me again!), but after watching this years series I don't think I'd even know where to start with some of the challenges!
For now I'd love to go on one of the lovely courses organised by this year's winner Jo Wheatley that she holds at her home in Essex!
You can follow Jo at her blog (and get some great recipes and tips) at Jo's Blue Aga well worth a look!!

Lots of Love xxxx


RosieP said...

Jo is brilliant isn't she Kelly.

Hugs xxx

::cupcakesandbiscuits:: said...

For all I love to bake that programme looks stressful. I always have that thing in my head that a calm head and heart are essential for baking.
Nice compliment you got though!
Love Jo too. Ali x

Florence and Mary said...

Def think you should practice and apply next year!

Victoria xx

Callies Cottage said...

I have loved both series and thought I was a pretty good baker until I saw what they are all capable of! I think the technical challenges would be my downfall..scary.
You can always have lots of fun practicing your skills on all you friends,family and colleagues though!
Love Jo's blog too..
Warm Wishes,

LoloDesigns said...

Love british bake off but would have a complete nervous breakdown if I went on it! Thanks for the link to Jos blog am now following her as she is lovely. So glad she won. Lolo xx

Lisa said...

Very flattering indeed!
Hope you get to go on one of the courses if that's what you would like, good to have things to look forward to.
Lisa x
p.s word verif is tale(N)et, maybe that's a sign?!

A garden just outside Venice said...

C'mon, don't be so modest! You are so talented!