Monday, 30 January 2012

A Song for My Heart

I have been meaning to post about my vintage Singer sewing machine for a long time and this post has been sitting (half written) in my drafts folder for 18 months! 

So finally here she is..... 


The machine folds into the table so it can be used as a table on it's own.





It belonged to my Nanny Ruby (my Dads mum) who was a very talented seamstress. This machine is symbolic of my Nan and whenever I see it I am reminded of her.
This is my Nan with my Grandad and my Dad as a little boy, I see a lot of her in myself and I know my family would agree!

The draws in the table are still full of her things and I have very fond memories of her teaching me on it as a child. I remember draws full of fabric and sitting on cushions on that lovely chair (hand made of course!).
Even as she got older I doubt that a day went by when she didn’t use this beautiful machine.
When she died in 2003, and her house needed to be cleared, we had nowhere to keep it so my Dad’s friend stored it for him (and used it occasionally!)
We just couldn't bear to part with it and I knew it had to come with me when I eventually got a home of my own.
I love this machine and am very proud to own it. I haven't used it and I think it needs a service but as yet haven't managed to find anywhere that can do it, any suggestions would be most appreciated.
Sadly the reason I have finally managed to get around to finishing this post is because we no longer have room in our house for her, she is going into storage but we will meet again as soon as we have a bigger house!

Lots of Love xxx


Isobel said...

She is gorgeous, Kelly!! I have two old singer machines. One Hubby got me from ebay, and the other is one that belonged to Hubby's nan and it has a handle to make it work. Very old, but has lots of meaning to us as his nan was such a wonderful, sweet woman. Unfortunately she left us last year. We miss her a lot!

Callies Cottage said...

What a beauty!And that kind of history really is priceless,hopefully it will be in your next house and your little one will grow up with it in her memories too...
Warm Wishes,

Florence and Mary said...

Such a fabulous treasure!

Victoria xx