Thursday, 26 January 2012

On My Kindle......

The Captive Queen - Alison Weir

About Eleanor of Aquitaine, set in the high middle ages.  It's a bit more 'naughty' than the norm for these books (a few times I have hoped that other people on the train aren't reading over my shoulder!) but while it seemed a bit like a Mills and Boon initially I now see the relevance as a way to illustrate the marked decline in her marriage to Henry Plantagenet.
And am enjoying reading about someone I had known nothing about, while I realise historical novels are 'enhanced' I do think they make history more digestible and Alison Weir is a noted historian who writes factual books as well as novels.

According to my Kindle I'm 47% of the way through and following a quick Wikipedia search I have lots to look forward to!

What are you reading?

Lots of Love xxxx


Callies Cottage said...

Sounds interesting.I had a little giggle at the idea of people looking over your shoulder on the train thinking you were reading a 'racy' book!
Happy Reading!
Warm Wishes,

Jo said...

It sounds like a good book. I'm currently reading The Illustrated Lark Rise To Candleford, and I have to say, I'm enjoying looking at the pictures as much as reading the book, they're wonderful.

Lisa said...

I have one of hers sat on my bookshelf. I do enjoy a good historical read. I am reading Caitlin Moran's How to be a Woman, it's hilarious.
Lisa x