Monday, 6 February 2012

Guilty TV Pleasures!

I'm so pleased that the new series of TOWIE has started!  It's as cringe worthy as ever and I'm going to miss Mark Wright but the lovely Joey Essex and Chloe never fail to make me laugh and I'm pleased to see the very handsome Mick has continued to take part even if he does 'shop in Tescos'
Till the next episode.........

 We are also really enjoying the comedy series Stella!  I have Welsh friends and sometimes find myself laughing out loud at the things they say!

The only downside is I spend most of the programme wishing she would brush her hair!

What are you enjoying at the moment?

Lots of Love xxxx


Callies Cottage said...

Keep meaning to catch Stella...Haven't caught any of TOWIE yet,my guilty pleasure used to be the x factor!
Have a good week,
Warm Wishes,

lemonade kitty said...

I did watch one episode of Stella but I couldn't get into it, I'm loving "call the midwife" and I recognised a few of the places the scenes were shot in from when we were in the east end in November. I also like naughty things like mrs brown's boys and celebrity juice..... Lucey x

LissyLou said...

i love towie!!!

Lauren gooder looks ROUGH in this series - can't stand her - i'm sure she loves it that Arg and Lydia have slpit up.

Joey and Chloe crack me up!!!

Florence and Mary said...

I lost interest in TOWIE after the 2nd series but have so much on my Sky Plus these days it isn't any wonder!

I am enjoying Geordie Shore!

Victoria xx