Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Pots of Ideas............

I'm loving these pretty storage tins from Ikea a snip at just £3.29 for the set of 3!  They look so pretty in Sophie's new bedroom. (pop over to Kelly's Clutter today to see my progress!)  Perfect for hiding the not so pretty, but essential, 'bits' that come with babies!

Also in Sophie's room is a thrifted find from our local CS.  I love these glass containers and have set it to work housing cotton wool pads (rather than just leaving the pack on the side!)

 The little Star decoration was a present from my friend's 3 year old.  Apparently she saw them at a craft fair and had placed her order before her mum caught up with her!  I love it and she was very proud to see her gift being shown off!

I saw this idea for storing cupcake cases over at Gem's Country Life Dream and threatened to steal it from her!

 I'm so pleased I followed through with my threat as the cases fit perfectly and  take up far less room in my (newly organised!) baking cupboard than the huge tin I stored them in before. 

(apologies for the rubbish photo, I always decide to take photos in poor light!)

What's your top storage tip?  I love getting new ideas!

Lots of Love xxxx


Josie-Mary said...

I love those storage jars :) No tips from me but I may pinch some of yours! Thanks for your kind comment about my hair :) xx

Callies Cottage said...

Wow you really are a de cluttering organising goddess!!!Those Ikea tins are so pretty and as you say such good value!
Warm Wishes,

RosieP said...

Come and do mine, I have a week on my own 21st Feb to 28th ..........please.

Love you xxxxx

B............... said...

Ooooh you are getting organised, I've been storing my cupcake cases like that for years, practical and pretty xx

LissyLou said...

I love those tins!!! they werent in when i went.

I have my cupcake cases in a jar too!

As sophie gets older and gets all the silly little toys from kinder eggs etc, put them in a huge kilner jar (we keep ours in the living room) the boys actually play with them now, as they can see them - rather than being scattered in all different boxes etc xx

Florence and Mary said...

Nothing better than a storage jar!

Victoria xx

LoloDesigns said...

The glass jar and star look gorgeous, so much better than in the plastic.

I've got my cupcake cases in an glass spaghetti jar too, it's great isn't it. I didn't realise quite how many I had until I did that! Think I saw it first on Cherry Menlove, she has such a cool blog.

Lolo xx

Gem said...

Love the glass jar with the cotton pads in it, very pretty. Isn't it amazing how many cupcake cases you end up with, but at least you can admire them all now :) x x x x

Jo said...

Everything looks so much nicer when it's stored in a pretty tin or jar. I love those Ikea tins, I haven't been to Ikea for ages, I must have a trip there.