Monday, 28 September 2009

A Busy Weekend

I've been a busy girl this weekend, lots of sorting, clearing and many black sacks later I still have loads to do in what has become phase 2 of the massive declutter!
The house didn't even look bad but I have become more and more ruthless as I have gone on, nothing is safe!!!!!
I have not really had the time to post but have taken a bit of time out in the evenings to keep up to date with all your goings on!

Normal service should resume shortly!

Lots of Love


Florence and Mary said...

Clearly we're both more fans of Autumn cleaning than the Spring version!

Victoria xx

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

I'm all for a good ruthless clearout, have fun! :) x

TCake said...
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TCake said...

Snap!... posted comment before but my spelling was rubbish!... looks like we are all having a clear out! Tx

Michela said...

I'are having a clearout before a crazy shopping tour! Ha ha! xxxxx

Lululiz said...

Sigh, one of these days I'll pluck up the courage to declutter, a bit, maybe. At the moment, I am just adding more stuff, arrgggh.

GRAÇA said...

Muito bonito

LissyLou said...

It feels great to have a big clear out. I've sort of started - i much prefer to do it in autumn rather that spring - it's really hard to do clear outs with my littlest at home - he should start preschool in January so i can have a good go then!!!!