Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Unexpected Gifts

As much as I love giving gifts, it's always lovely to receive an unexpected present, especially when the person who gives it to you has got it so very right!
Look at these lovely tins I received as a thank you present from my friend Jackie.

Aren't they great? I just love them! They have pride of place in my kitchen.
Jackie and Mum had been on a trip to Van Hague garden centre and brought them back for me. Mum bought me these brilliant matching magnets too!

What lovely gifts, and so very 'me'!

Just wondering how long I can resist before I just have to make a trip there myself!

Maybe with Christmas just around the corner I can use the old Christmas shopping cover to go ogle over all the pretties (and maybe, just maybe, treat myself!)

Lots of Love



Michela said...

Hi Kel!
Lovely gifts and truly "you"!
Thank you for the link to bulbs and seeds, that's what me&mum were looking for! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Victoria Plum said...

Oh my!!! I LOVE THEM ALL!!!! You are very lucky .... :) Think I will have to add "hunting for pretty tins" to my to-do list for my week off!

Florence and Mary said...

What pretty tins! They will look perfect in your kitchen.

Sarah wants to take B to Van Hagues for his Father Christmas photo you'll have to come with.

Victoria xx

Duchess of Tea said...

Adorable tins, I love tins so much. I just purchased the pins and button tins from Cath. Love them. Yours are very lovely, enjoy them darling.

Love & Hugs

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

They are fabulous. I need new cake tins; the old Christmas 'Roses Chocolate' tins I'm using are past their best. x

bekimarie said...

As you know I love the tins and now I love the magnets just as much.
Never heard of Van Hagues i'm presuming it's a bit like our Cadbury garden centre (a bit of everything) so I will have to take a look there!
Beki xxx

Anonymous said...

those are lovely :-)

I haven't been there since last Christmas with Victoria!

Rose XXX

koralee said...

These are very lovely...I must go over and check out the link. I have never heard of Van Hagues..but I am sure I will love them. Thanks for all your lovely comments you leave on my blog...you make my heart sing!

LissyLou said...

they are great, lucky you! i love van hages!

Sherry said...

I have never seen such cute magnets and tins!!! You are a lucky girl Kelly! Does this store ship? I'm going to have to check.