Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Kiddie Swap Reveal

You may remember me telling you all about the Kiddie Halloween Swap that my Cousin Marcus and I took part in? This fun swap was hosted by the lovely Denise at Polka Dot Moon and what a fabulous job she did!
I must thank her for partnering Marcus and I with Mallory and her fab Mum Sherry.
Marcus was over the moon with the package he received ( I have used Sherry's picture because he put everything in the bag and wouldn't let go long enough for me to get a decent photo!)

Sherry and Mallory sent Marcus an absolutely brilliant WWE tote bag (perfect for a wrestling obsessed 8 year old!).
He was so impressed when I told him that Sherry had made it just for him.
The next sound I heard was 'WOW dead bodies!' as he pulled the funny skeletons out of their wrapping! The package also contained lots of sweets, crayons and Halloween toys, all of which he inspected and loved.
I had to prize the fake teeth out of his mouth so I could get him off to school in time!

Here is a picture of him and his beloved bag!

We sent Mallory a Halloween themed craft package as Sherry said she enjoyed all types of crafting. There was a kit to make a felt decoration, stickers, papers, gift bags, cards, ribbons, brads, pens, erasers and loads of other stuff to craft away to her hearts content! We also included an activity book with loads of ideas not just for Halloween but to keep her occupied all year round!

We also sent some clackers (some of you probably remember these from the first time round?) which Marcus brought back from Italy especially for Mallory. There was a pair of Halloween tights and lots of sweets (we put in plenty so Mallory could share with her brothers!)

We had such fun putting together this package. I just love a swap :)


Off now to read today's gossip :)

Lots of Love



Polka Dot Moon said...

You need a tiara! I'm dubbing you the Queen of Swaps! Another amazing package you put together with so much thought! You're awesome :)

Michela said...

..I wish I could still be a child!
Great swap!

Sherry said...

Denise is right.....I crown you Queen Kelly of Swaps!! Thanks again for being such a great swap partner!!


Elise said...

Ah - this is such a great swap !

Lululiz said...

Awww, makes me wish my three boys were still little.

bekimarie said...

Hey there Queen Kelly 'hehe', I think this is a great title for you. I'm almost too scared to swap with you know lol!
Love and (((hugs)))
Beki xxx

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

Top swaps! :) x

Rose said...

oh wow, great kiddy swap Kelly! You always do such an awesome job with your swaps.
My boyfriend is obsessed, i mean REALLY obsessed with wrestling:(


Florence and Mary said...

I can imagine how pleased Marcus was with his tote! I see that being used on his holidays.

Victoria xx