Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Perfect Gift

Today is my friend Kaleigh's birthday!
She was very impressed when I took up knitting again and wanted some lessons straight away!
I was very impressed at what a diligent student she was, concentrating very hard, tongue poking out, she made a pretty flower! Well done Kaleigh!!!
Imagine how pleased I was to see this fantastic knitting set in Cath Kidston, of course I had to buy it for her birthday! The set includes 3 balls of double knit yarn, needles and instructions in a funky, retro, flower case. Its perfect for a beginner and little girls of all ages ha ha! Unfortunately this doesn't appear on the website so if you wanted one you would have to try in store (I got this one at Convent Garden)
I hope she likes it!

Maybe she will make something for 'The Big Knit'! Joe at Josie Mary has organised an virtual knitting group to take part in this event. It is for a really good cause (read all about it here) and there are patterns that will suit every knitting ability level so no excuses ladies!! If you would like to join in click here to link to Joe's post where you can get all the relevant information.
I'll certainly be joining in!

That's all from me tonight, I'm off to blog hop!

Lots of Love



bekimarie said...

Hey Hun

Love the knitting set, can I ask how much it was?
Perfect Christmas pressie for Jess. Wouldn't mind it myself actually, hmmmmmmm buy it for her then steal it like I did the sewing machine lol!
Beki xxx

Polka Dot Moon said...

What a fabulous knitting set! What a wonderful friend and teacher you are :)

Josie-Mary said...

Hello, I love the knitting set, I can't wait til my friends little girl is old enough to try. I've been collecting little things for her case for a while now! I started knitting when I was about 4, she's nearly 6 but can't do it yet.
Thanks so much for joining in & getting your mum involved! I'll email you my address, they have to be with my by 10th October. Enjoy the facebook group if you're on.
Thanks again :) x

Rose said...

How cute is that knitting set! I bet she will love it, what a thoughtful friend you are.
I hope you go well with the bean burgers, you could even add an egg (if you eat egg) to the mixture to help them bind a little better.


Michela said...

Happy birthday to Kaleigh! And happy knitting to you! xxx

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

Ooooh what a top gift! I really must learn to knit one day; my sister does so I may pick her brains for a lesson :) x

Sherry said...

That is the cutest idea for a gift!! I love it!!


Florence and Mary said...

I love it, that's great. I've not seen it before.

Victoria x

Duchess of Tea said...

What a lovely gift, so thoughtful of you my kind friend. Thanks for visitng me daily, you are a gem.

Love & Hugs