Monday, 22 March 2010

For My Birthday I'd like .............

March is a very important month, we have Mothers Day, Women’s Day, Easter, St Patrick’s Day and most Important of all we have My Birthday!!!

I will be 32 on the 24th of March and It’s been a crazy year! So much has happened and my life has changed completely (and for the better!) This is going to be a great year and I am staring it happy and content for the first time in a long time! Usually birthdays fill me with dread of getting that year older but this year I’m happy to accept and move on!

I thought, after the success of my Christmas List, I’d do a little birthday list to inspire would be present givers!

So here goes!

I Love the new Alice in Wonderland inspired OPI Collection especially ‘Thanks so Muchness’ perfect for my holiday nails!

I would like a special birthday tea of fillet beef sandwiches with blue cheese dressing, salmon dip, and cheese and chutney brioche made by Ina Garten (If she’s not available Mum and My Auntie do a mean impersonation!)

I Love these little gems from Anthologie.

And I could do with a pedicure before Vegas! (seriously!)

I really want this shelf from Vintage Amethyst

Isn't It lovely? Perfect for my craft room! I have decided I will be treating myself to it! (put one aside for me Allison!)

I realise this is a small list but I have been looking at my life and I really have everything I want and need! I'm now all about experiences, I'd rather go somewhere than get something!

What about you? What would you like to receive as a gift?

Lots of Love



Della said...

Oooh, my birthday is in exactly a month...the only thing I've asked for so far is a rolling rack for my extra clothes. My closet has gotten too small!

I love the dresses, and you can never have too many.

Hannah VanderHart said...

asking for a special birthday tea just warms the cockles of my little cooking heart ;) I always think of Susan Cooper's "the dark is rising" childrens' novels...the main boy asks for liver and spinach (was it spinach?) for his birthday tea, and his siblings teased him for it. Oops, tangent, sorry.

I'm asking Luke for the new edition of Thoreau's journals for my May birthday. I could totally buy the $15 book myself, but, well, it's so much more fun getting something for your birthday, isn't it?

I hope you get every single last item on your list! ;)

Josie-Mary said...

Great list, the food sounds yummy!!
Hope you have a great birthday :) x

RosieP said...

Ah, the perfect opportunity as it's mine in 3 weeks..........Le Creuset cast iron casserole the big round one, is definitley on my list.

Love you

Hugs Tante xx

lemonade kitty said...

I would like my birthday to be in the summer instead of January. I'd like to have a picnic in the park with lots of balloons and flowers and a ride in a horse and carriage wearing a beautiful floaty dress and all my family would be there. Thats not too much to ask for is it?? Lucey xx

claire said...

Well I've just had my birthday so am all gifted out hehehe!!!
Love everything on your wish list :)

bekimarie said...

A special Birthday tea, that sounds good :)
Love the Anthologie bits.

Beki xx

bekimarie said...

p.s sent you an email hun xxx said...

I saw that it will be your birthday on Fb too. I love the sound of your bithday tea, and I am with you, I would like to go somewhere too! Thank you so much for your truly inspiring comment on my blog! Just what I needed. You are a real tonic! suzie xxx

Sal said...

You are soooooo young!
I hope you have a great time ;-)

Vintage Amethyst said...

That shelf will be on it's way to you today!
OOhh I wish my birthday was in the Summer instead of the end of November & this year I'm going to be 36 ~ v v scary!
Hope you have a lovely day.

hapi-ness said...

brilliant list kel! I love that shelf too! I've already got my perfect birthday present, coming to me on sunday! hehe vroom vroom! xx

Lisa said...

Yes I agree, experiences which create good memories are fun gifts too.
Lisa x

Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

Fabulous nail colour and that shelf is just what I've been looking for, too! Cheers for the link.
I thought of you the other day as there was a program on Sky about 'The Ghosts of London Underground'! I haven't caught it yet, I think it's being repeated on Discovery. :) X

Kissed by an Angel said...

That's a great birthday list Kel!!
I agree with you, I don't need anything, I'd rather have an experience!! For experience, read holiday!!!
Dad's just gone to order the beef and possibly get the smoked salmon!!!

Michela said...

Hi Kel! Love your new blog makeover! I think that J+J could do much better than Mrs Ina! xxx

Me....bunny said...


You and your blog are full of charm and I hope you get everything on your list...For my birthday in November I wish to celebrate in Hawaii....we'll see. Thanks for visiting me and I'll be back to see what you got.


Stella said...

I hope everything on your wish list is waiting for you on your birthday morn. I too have all the things I want or need and just enjoy someone taking the time to call me or plan something special that I like to do. Have a Happy Birthday. Glad to hear you are at a contented spot in your life.

Claire@AreWeNearlyThereYet said...

I just don't want ANY birthdays! I have had enough in my opinion ha ha. Someone else can have them! x

Floss said...

It's lovely that you have a little list of special things, but not a huge list of needs! That's a good position to be in. I'm so glad you've had a good year and I wish you a wonderful year to come, too.

What would I like (in addition to those lovely shelves you've chosen)? I would love an apron from my friend Yoli, who has the Apron Seniorita blog and shop. She custom-makes Tex-Mex aprons - wow!

The Girl said...

Have a great birthday! Love the red nail varnish, don't think that's too much to ask for at all!

2 weeks til my birthday and I haven't even started to get a list together, need to get my act together!

Sherry said...

Oh, I hope you have a wonderful birthday Kelly!!! I love that shelf and the white top is gorgeous! May all of your Birthday wishes come true!!!


Duchess of Tea said...

Kelly darling, I am so proud of you darling. This post is written so eloquently, well done luv. I do hope and pray that all your dreams and your heart's desires will come true for you this and every year from this point on. Happy Birthday Darling. Sending you big birthday hugs and lots of love.


Alijane said...

Your birthday list sounds very well thought out kelly.

If I could have a present today then I would choose a pedicure too. My feet are pretty skanky right now and a lovely pedicure would be fab and I would choose a really funky nail varnish for my toes. Oh roll on the Summer when you can get your feet out and have funky toe nails.


Emma said...

Happy Birthday for tomorrow Kelly!
Hope you have a super day.
Wish I was your age again tut!
Em x

Sandy Michelle said...

Have a FANTASTIC birthday tomorrow and may you receive everything from your wish list!


LissyLou said...

Happy Birthday for tommorrow Kelly xx

Handmade in Gibraltar said...

Happy Birthday Kelly, I've just realised who your Mum is ...a blonde moment I think....
love Louisexxx

Florence and Mary said...

Oh dear I didn't get you anything on this list... shall I take back what I did buy you?! ;)

Victoria x