Monday, 29 March 2010

Viva Las Vegas!!!

The holiday begins here!, this afternoon James and I are heading to Gatwick!
We are going to be staying at the Sofitel tonight ready for the off to Vegas tomorrow!!!

I have taken the momentous decision of taking not taking the laptop with me, so will catch up with you all when we get back!
I have tried my best to get caught up with you last night while James watched F1!
Now if you could all refrain from posting too frequently this week I would appreciate it!!! (dread to think what google reader will look like after a week away!!!)
I have scheduled a few posts as I had to say a few thank yous! so don't forget about me while I'm away!

I'll be thinking of you all and might even bring back a little something for you all!!!!

Lots of Love



Lucy Pursglove-Jones said...

Wooo Hooo! Happy Holidays! Enjoy your break. xx

Felicity said...

have a lovely time! did you see on tv the other day this programme about vegas and it showed all the old signs from the 50s, it was fab! fliss xx

hapi-ness said...

so jealouse of you XD hope you have a fabulous time! can't wait to hear about your trip :D xxxx