Thursday, 19 May 2011

A Little Taster.......

 Just as I am changing my own eating habits, Sophie is having a change as well!  My baby is ready for more than just milk.  I had been thinking about weaning for a while and as Sophie's bottles got bigger and bigger and she began to demand feeding more often I began to worry as I had no idea what I was supposed to do!

I was lucky enough to get some great information from Victoria Plum about baby led weaning but wasn't sure Sophie would make it to 6 months on milk alone!  The health visitors promote the 'no food till 6 months' policy so I have become part of an underground baby feeding gang of renegade mums!
Well nearly!  At 18 weeks Sophie had her first few spoonfuls of baby rice, she loved it so much I had to make her more!  After a few days I consulted Anabelle Karmel made her some baby purees to try some different tastes.

So far she likes everything except parsnip.  Her favourite food, though, Is anything Daddy is eating!  Yesterday I found them sitting on the floor sharing a banana!

I'll be spending the weekend cooking!

Lots of Love


Hen said...

She's so cute, Kelly. Good on you for doing what you know is right for your baby, not what the so called "experts" dictate.
Hen x

sadie said...

Hen is spot on. You know your child,and you know if she's ready for more than milk. Plus, she's not far off 6 months is she?

Annabel. Oh how I love her! She is an absolute Godsend in the kitchen when weaning, and the cabbage, butternut squash,tomato and basil sauce, oh yum! That's a good one :O)

Enjoy the weaning. Hard work, but so much fun too.


lemonade kitty said...

Isn't she just one gorgeous little girl and I can see she has two doting parents.Oh what fun you'll have giving her little tasters of "this and that" and of course daddies food ALWAYS tastes much nicer!! Lucey x

Michela said...

She's daddy's girl!!! Isn't it funny to look at babies getting all dirty with food?!

Josie-Mary said...

My SIL had the same problem until my mum stepped in! Good for you for doing what's best! :) xx

Isobel said...

She is so cute!! And girl, I have heard stories about midwifes "advices" that are just pure insanity! Of course there are the super nice ones too. But you know your child's needs and you better than anyone know how to take care of her. Annabel was a great helper when I started weaning Joey. There is a vegetable and cheese pasta sauce that is just pure yumminess!! Joey absolutely loved it. I used to make batches of pureed food every weekend to last a week and stock up the freezer. Much more practical.
Happy weaning!!

Kissed by an Angel said...

She definitely has Garwood blood in her veins!!! Loves food!!! Bless her!!

Rose said...

You must get endless smiles from having a cutie like Sophie!
So cute that she wants whatever her dad eats :) he better not eat pizza or fried chicken in front of her then ;)


Rachel M said...

Aw how cute! I'm one of the renegade Mum's too. Dylan started on baby rice at 4wks, because he just wasn't satisfied with milk alone. And Leon was 8 wks. My doctor said "weaning isn't an exact science, you've just got to go with it". But our health visitor wasn't best pleased. I hope it goes well for you. XxX

Pomona said...

One of the handiest tips I found was that if you whizz up red lentils or brown rice in a coffee grinder or small whizzer, they only take 5 minutes to cook. You can cook them in milk as well for extra goodness, and mix them with pureed vegetable for a complete meal. And for pasta in tomato sauce, I used the liquid from tins of tomatoes and tiny soup pasta pieces - to start with I whizzed it smooth, but as they get older it is a good way to start them getting used to lumpy food.

Good luck anyway!

Pomona x

RosieP said...

You your brother and Marcus all started on solids at 4 months it didn't do any of you any harm, go with what's best for Sophie. She is lush love her to bits.

Tante xxx

Florence and Mary said...

I say get her on the steak as soon as possible!!

No surprises Sophie loves her food, she's got to get into training to match our eating habits... she needs to learn that there's to be less of this sharing food though!!!

Victoria xx

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

You're such a "rebel"...haha