Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Surf's Up!

I haven't ever made a secret of my MAC obsession, I must own thousands of pounds worth of this yummy make up brand! 
Here is a small selection of my collection used on my wedding day!

I feel about MAC as some people do about shoes and bags, My MAC has never let me down!  My clothes might not always look how I want them to but I can look however I want with the stroke of a brush!  


On a recent shopping trip with Sophie and Mum I decided to stop by the MAC concession in House Of Fraser 'just to see if they had anything new'.  I haven't bought any new MAC since I found out I was pregnant and, after spending lots of money on clothes for Sophie, decided I might treat myself!

And I did!  
Surf Baby lipstick in Hibiscus, Lipglass in Strange Potion, Suntints Lip Balm in Pink Tinge and Silksheen Bronzer Stick in Tan-Tint

Perfect for the summer!!!

Do you have a fave cosmetic or brand?

Lots of Love


sadie said...

It's good to treat yourself. So easy to spend every penny on your child, and not bother buying for yourself. It took me ages to buy myself anything after becoming a mum, and even now I feel guilty if I spend loot on myself! Ah, mummy guilt.Nothing like it!

I've never used MAC.I'm a Chanel girl, but maybe I should give MAC a try one day.


Josie-Mary said...

I don't really wear make up, I have a few bits but they're years old.... didn't know they had a use by!! I'd love to be more girly!! :) xx

lemonade kitty said...

I too use MAC and wouldn't be seen dead without my "viva glam" lip glass on!! I've tried most some of the other colours but always go back to this one, it's "lush",lol Lucey x

Michela said...

Like Josie-Mary I don't wear make up but I love to have a peek inside other girls' beauty cases!
Well done your for buying yourself a little treat!

Scarlett Fontaine said...

Im a complete Mac whore - love it all! Well worth treating yourself :o) Scarlett x

B............... said...

Agree with Sadie, it's so easy to forget yourself once you're a Mummy so good on you Kel.
Have never tried it myself so maybe I should ;o)

B xxx

Florence and Mary said...

Nice to see you back to assisting with MAC's takings!!

I haven't seen this new range I must pay a visit to HOF!

Victoria xx